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Shelley and Jeannie's Stag Cruise


Jeff White

Published by Jeff White

Smashwords edition

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1: A Project for Shelley

2: A Fuck with a Stranger

3: Father and Son

4: Stag Cruise

1: A Project for Shelley

SHELLEY walked through the front door, dropped her bag on the table, and carried on through the back door into the bright sunshine of the garden. It was late afternoon in England and the temperature was above thirty degrees – a fact that rather gives away which year these events took place. Her Dad was by the pool, naked and aroused, and she glanced around to see if he had company. None, it seemed; but he was squinting at his phone. "New Porn Hub subscription?" she enquired.

Mark looked up. "No," he told her, "but that boy you had round at the weekend was hung, wasn't he?"

"Oh my God," Shelley exclaimed. "I'd forgotten about those cameras!"

Mark had installed security cameras in the house and grounds a few months back and Shelley had soon realized that he'd included a few 'hidden' ones – in places like her bedroom and bathroom, and around the pool area. She didn't really mind, and the thought of her father wanking over videos of her naked, or of her playing with her friend Jeannie, gave her a feeling of power over him; but if she'd remembered them before she'd invited the boy over she would probably have covered them up. Oh well! She looked at her father and grinned ruefully. "If I'd known that you were going to watch us then I'd have put on more of a show. You know, demonstrate what a really big cock can do to your little girl."

Mark grunted. "It wasn't that big."

Shelley laughed and looked pointedly at her father's tumescent organ. "Maybe not, but I can't see anything around here to beat it. Can you? And are you going to do something about that thing?"

"You could," Mark suggested.

Shelley leaned down and touched her father's knob. It was very stiff, like a teenage boy's, and she regretted as she often did the taboo against incest. She was pretty sure that Mark had taken her anyway in one of their orgies: just one extra cock in a long line of them was hardly going to stand out, was it? But it would be very different now, with just the two of them in the garden, making out face to face … She felt her cunny juicing up but she said, "You know we can't. There are rules."

"Let me feel you," Mark said, and when she made no move to stop him he ran a finger up her short skirt. The finger probed between her labia and came out wet. "You're the same as me," he commented, before sucking the sweet musk off his finger.

"I'm not doing it with you Dad," she told him. "But how about this?" She quickly stripped and lay back on one of the sun loungers. "Now you stand over me and we can watch each other."

While she spoke one of her hands cupped a full breast, and the other one strayed down her belly. She stroked her slit, her finger going where Mark's had a moment earlier. Mark knew what his daughter wanted. He stood over her, a leg either side of her sun bed, and slowly stroked his cock while he watched his sexy daughter pleasuring herself. He knew from seeing her in action how quickly Shelley could come, and his balls were ready to burst after watching the footage from his hidden camera. As soon as Shelley's hips began to rise up from the bed, Mark crouched down to get a better view of her. Her tits, still full even though she was lying down, were now tipped with hard little peaks, her nipples seeming to beg for attention – but not from him. A pink glow started at those sexy buds and spread out, covering first her creamy breasts and then moving down her belly to her thighs and up her neck to flush her face.

He looked down and could see her clitoris, normally hidden by its hood, poking out, a tiny replica of his glans. Shelley place one of her hands on her waxed pubis, forefinger and index finger either side of her clit, and slowly moved them up and down, careful not to over-stimulate that sensitive bundle of nerves; her cunt though got no such finesse! She had two fingers inside and she alternated between thrusting them hard in and out and curling them forward to seek her G-spot. She was moaning loudly and it was all Mark could do to hold his climax back. He wanted Shelley to finish first so that he had her full attention when he shot his load!

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