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Futa Inheritance

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Futa Inheritance

My name is Maria and I recently turned twenty years of age. I’m an outgoing person and I have a lot of friends in college. I think it would be fair to say that I’m going through the best time of my life right now and things couldn’t be better, or so I thought. I was getting ready for exams, which were going to take place in a week’s time. On the day that this story began it would be fair to say that I didn’t really know much about my family’s history. Anyway, we were about half-way through a lecture when a female faculty member interrupted the class.

“Is Maria Blair in here?” she asked.

Needless to say, I put my hand up to acknowledge my presence.

“Can you come with me Maria, I have some rather unsettling news for you,” she said.

I quickly followed her and had to double step it as she seemed to be in a hurry. When we arrived at the Dean’s office she knocked and then stepped into the room. The Dean was there of course but there was also a very distinguished looking man sitting next to him.

“This is Maria Sir,” she said.

“Ah, Maria, please take a seat. Um… I just received some very distressing news that concerns your family. There’s no easy way to say this, so I’m going to come straight to the point. Your mother was involved in a plane crash, along with all your relatives (at this point he handed me a list of all the casualties) and I’m afraid there weren’t any survivors. From what I gather, your entire family were heading to a privately-owned island to discuss who the future heir would be and half-way there they developed engine trouble and crashed into the ocean,” he said solemnly.

I was crying before he even finished talking but what I didn’t say was that I had no idea what he was talking about. As far as I knew my mother had nothing to do with her side of the family or my late fathers, for that matter. She never once mentioned them to me, let alone met them in secret to discuss family matters. Also, as far as I knew before I entered that office, my mother was taking a short flight to see an old friend in New York and would be back in two days’ time. It was at this point, that the smart looking gentleman started to speak.

“Miss Blair, first, I’d like to say how sorry I am for your loss. The coming days are not going to be easy. I’m an attorney by the way and I represent your family and because of the need to move fast, I need you to sign a few things for me. You see, you appear to be the sole beneficiary of your family’s estate and you have a considerable fortune coming your way,” he said.

That information stopped the tears, not because of the money but because it was a complete shock to me. I didn’t even know we had any wealthy relatives. Although, I also didn’t know that mom had a sister and a brother, not to mention seven cousins and a living Grandfather. That’s what I was reading on the list that was handed to me, mom never told me that any of these people were alive and I couldn’t for the life of me understand why. I mean, why would my mother keep all these people a secret? That’s what I was thinking before the attorney handed me a letter.

“Um… this was to be given to you upon your mother’s death. If you’d care to read it now before we leave, you may do so,” he said.

I eagerly opened the letter and started to read it to myself:

“Dear Maria,

if you’re reading this letter, it unfortunately means that I’m dead. The first thing I want to tell you is that I’m sorry for what is going to happen to you in the coming days. I tried my very best to keep you out of any family issues and that meant lying on occasion. There is another letter coming your way, which should be presented to you when the will’s been read. It explains in a bit more detail why I kept my family away from you. The only other thing I need you to know right now is that I love you dearly Maria and that’s one thing that was never a lie. You’ve grown into a wonderful young lady and a beautiful woman and I couldn’t be prouder.

Love Mom.”

I was crying again when I finished reading the last line in that letter, but I folded it up and placed it into my bag. I then thanked the Dean for letting me know what had happened and then followed the attorney out of the office. I heard the Dean telling me to take care and to let them know what my plans were in the coming days. I told him that I would and then left.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“I’m to take you to the island that the rest of your family were going to before the accident. Once there, I will read the will to you and a few of the estate’s personnel and then give you the deeds to the estate and various other things,” he replied.

I pretty much followed him after that and didn’t say much of anything throughout the entire journey. I was too upset for one thing but I also had so many questions running around in my head that it was hard to think of any one thing. It only took an hour for the plane to reach the island I was told about and I could see the house, or rather the mansion that was set in the middle of the island. It was quite simply stunning from my vantage point, with its own swimming pool and tennis court as well as a drive way that went all the way down to the beach.

“Wow, that’s some estate,” I murmured to myself.

“It is indeed,” agreed the attorney.

There was a car waiting for us when the plane landed and within five minutes of leaving the plane we were pulling up to the front door of the mansion and being greeted by what looked like a butler and three maids. They took what luggage there was and then we were shown into the building and were handing our jackets over. I was then shown into what the attorney called the den but what I referred to as the sitting room. The butler and a few of the household staff sat down, leaving the middle chair for me to sit on.

The will was then read out and started with all the staff first. I had to say, whoever owned this property was very generous to his staff because they were more than satisfied with what they received for their service. Then it finally came to me and boy, was I in for a shock.

“Miss Blair, your Great Grandfather has left you the deeds to this island and everything on it. He has also bequeathed a considerable fortune,” said the attorney before handing me a slip of paper.

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