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Feminization Sissification and Crossdressing Shocked Wife Discovers Her Husband Wearing Her Pink Panties

A Tale Of Feminization Sissification and Crossdressing

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female domination, pegging and more.........

Note that this work of fiction resembles a fantasy world, all events taking place are a result of a role play amongst all parties and all parties are fully consenting adults.

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"Baron, get up, babe, you have court this morning," Audra says to me as she pats my ass.

I groan and roll over and grab her arm before she leaves me. "Me wants fucky fucky," I say and grin.

"No, sweetie, we don't have time. I'm opening too," she says. She's a cook at one of the restaurants in town.

I pull her down anyway and roll on top of her. I don't give a flying fuck about the court or cooking breakfast for a crowd. Right now, Mr. Peter is as hard as a brickbat and unless I get some pussy, my day will be shit. I need some poundage before I can be a true professional and Audra knows that. She giggles signaling she's giving in to her fucking fate. I pull her nightshirt up and place my mouth on her taut nipple, enjoying some gumdrop action. She moans as I slip my fingers below and into her panties. Not wanting a mess, she shimmies out of them like a good girl. Now I have full access to her sweet muff. My fingers drag through her moist slit and swirl over her stiffening knob. It never takes her long, she's a horny little lady and I relish in the ability to get her going so easily.

"Oh fuck, Baron," Audra says as she arches her back. Told you it wouldn't take long. As she thrashes about, her pelvis seizing, I move my body over hers and pierce through her soft warm folds, sinking all the way in with my hard cock.

My wife is such a good fuck, I groan as I plow into her. Nothing else in the world matters right now other than what I'm doing on top of her. She moans as she nears another orgasm. Good girl! My cock lengthens as she sits up so each time I thrust into her she can feel it rubbing against her clit. I smile and let out a huff as I plow on topping the great hill of pleasure. Suddenly, my cock explodes inside of her, pounding her and filling her tight juicy hole with my wonderful man juice. I yell out, like always, and she claws me, as her pussy tightens into her second orgasm. Together we rock through the pulses of pleasure until our bodies are spent with the morning fuck.

We rush into the shower together. Now we're concerned with time and work. I whistle while I wash off and get ready to go in. She slaps on some make-up even though she doesn't need it. I tell her all the time what a gorgeous lady she is. She doesn't take my word for it though and wears the shit anyway.

Suit and tie and polished shoes and I'm ready for court. I work for businesses who are applying for permits and who need to be released from them. It's a nice job, cut and dry most of the time. I thought about criminal law for about two seconds. I shadowed a criminal attorney for a day and a half and decided it wasn't for me. I don't want work that I have to worry about once I've reached the end of the workday. Small claims are about as work-some as I get, but I specialize in business law and keep it nice and crisp and clean.

The day's events move along nicely. After court, I have time to drop by my wife's workplace and pick her up for an early lunch. Since she's a cook she needs to be available for the lunch rush. She giggles as we settle in a booth at the Italian restaurant across town. She cooks home cooking meals at the family restaurant, a place called Dallies. She shines a smile at me across the all you can eat pasta dish. We both choose lasagna and salad. The rolls here are to die for.

"I'm stuffed," Audra says.

I raise my finger for the server. "We'll have dessert, chocolate cake a la mode with two spoons, please," I say.

"I told you I'm stuffed," she says as she tries to stop me from ordering.

"Please," I say to the server.

"One moment," the server says and disappears back to the kitchen.

"Just a couple of bites. You know chocolate is your favorite," I tease.

After we enjoy the dessert, I take Audra back to Dallies. She rushes back in to help with the lunch rush and I go back to the law office.

My alarm wakes me, and I roll over to grab my wife. She's not there. I sit up and rub the sleep out of my eyes. Oh yeah, she had to be at the restaurant extra early for a delivery. Alone in the house isn't fun. I enjoy being with her and I miss her terribly when she's not here with me. I know that sounds like I'm being a baby but after being married for over two years, I feel we've grown quite close.

The shower pounds over me, I need it to wake up. Hot steam billows over the top, fogging the mirrors. I groan as I step out, I'm tired and cranky today. After towel drying, I make my way into the bedroom to dress. I walk around naked a lot because I can. I open my top drawer for a pair of underwear and find the spot empty. I slam my fist on top of the chest and glance around. That's right, Audra said she hasn't had time to do laundry because of having to be at work so early and staying late for inventory.

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