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Freshman Year

The Fuck House on Frat Row: Episode 2


I.M. Cockman

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Freshman Year: Bobby Lane

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Freshman Year

Bobby Lane

I threw my pencil down in disgust, glancing longingly at my closed door. Id sworn to myself that I wouldnt leave my room until I finished studying for my statistics exam, but damnI was about to break.

It was hard for dry numbers and boring facts to compete with the music, laughter, and occasional sound of things breaking that I could hear from downstairs. I knew that the test tomorrow was important, but I was only human.

So far, my freshman year was turning out to be the best one of my life, and a huge part of that was life at the Phi Beta Nu house and my Nu brothers. Actual classes, though? My performance on that front had been less than stellar.

I kept brushing off my low grades with the thought that Id have plenty of time to make up for them before I reached the point of no return, but the truth was, it was already halfway through the first semesterand the academic hole I was digging for myself was only getting deeper.

I’d never struggled like this back in high school, but of course back then, Id lived with a strict disciplinarian of a father. I also hadnt had all the distractions that college life provided.

Distractions like the party that was happening downstairs, right now.

The one I wanted to join.

I stared at my pencil, trying to talk myself into picking it back up. It had landed right next to my earbudsif I popped those in and cranked up my playlist, maybe I could force myself to ignore the fun my brothers were having downstairs and actually walk into class tomorrow morning prepared for once.

A sharp knock on my door made me jump, and I grinned, slamming the book shut.

It must be a sign from the patron saint of Phi Beta Nu. If a brother needed me, it was my duty to be there for him, right? Looked like studying was done for tonight.

Bobby? You in there?

Come in,I said, my heart starting to race with excitement. It wasnt just any of my Nu brothers, it was Brother Mike, the senior who had overseen my rush week and given the green light to making me a new member of the frat. Mike was so fucking hot it made my head spin, and whenever he said jump, my only question was, How high?

He pushed my door open, a beer in one hand, and leaned against the doorjamb. The beer looked pretty damn good right about now, but it was Mike that made my mouth water.

I was looking for you downstairs,he said, giving me a slow smile that made my dick pulse in my jeans. You coming?

That depends,I said, feeling cheeky. Are you planning on making me?

He laughed at that, just like Id hoped, but even better? Heat flashed through his eyes, the kind that I had no doubt meant my night was about to get a hell of a lot more interesting.

Mike stepped into my room, kicking the door closed behind him as he took a long drink from his beer and looked around to take in my set-up—books stacked too high on my desk, piles of crumpled graph paper on the floor around my chair, my hair no doubt a mess from all the times Id tried to pull it out while muddling through the gibberish in my textbook.

Stats? Is that whats keeping you from all the fun tonight, Bobby?he asked, sauntering over and resting a hand on my shoulder in a subtle command to stay seated.

God, I loved it when Mike took charge.

I nodded, licking my lips as I eyed his bulge, now conveniently right in front of my face. My eyes darted up to his, hoping hed tell me to unzip him.

No luck.

Youre a finance major, too, right?he asked, grasping my chin tightly as he forced me to hold his gaze.

As if I had any desire to look away.

Um, yeah,I managed after a minute, my cock starting to swell in my jeans just from the manhandling.

If there was one thing Id learned as a Phi Beta Nu brother so far, it was that I really liked being manhandled—the rougher the better, and I was less interested in figuring out why than in how I could get more of it.

Especially when it was Mike getting rough with me.

You got anything lined up for after you graduate?he asked, a sexy little half-smile on his lips as he watched the effect he was having on me.

I blinked, distracted from the question by that look. Well, that, and the way hed started rubbing his thumb over my lips.

He dropped his hand, raising an eyebrow in a look Id grown to know well over the last few months. Mike was waiting on an answer and fully expected that Id give him whatever he demanded.

And God, did I ever want to.

Exceptwhat had he asked again?

Oh, right. Plans for after graduation.

“No?” I finally said, sounding uncertain because, even though it was the truth, I didnt think it was the answer he wantedand I really liked giving Mike what he wanted. He started to frown, and I swallowed, quickly adding, I mean, theres plenty of time, right? Im just a freshman.

Oh, I know you are, Bobby.The way he smiled when he said it made my toes curl. Its one of my favorite things about you.

There was an unwritten rule in the House that us freshmen were to be permanently available to the seniors for whatever they needed, whenever they needed it.

And oh fuck, I really, really hoped Mike needed me right now.

He wouldnt come in just to tease, would he?

Some of the other guys complained about the seniors needingus to bend over on command and suck them off on a regular basis. In fact, just the other day, one of the other freshman was bitching that he couldnt wait until he was a senior so his ass could get a break.

Not me, though. Phi Beta Nus reputation as the Fuck House of Frat Row had been why Id pledged in the first place.

Brother Sean, one of the other seniors, liked to call me a natural-born bottom, and Id overheard Mike saying to some of the other senior brothers that I started getting cranky if I didnt get enough cock. It was true, and when my brothers told me to bend over?

I loved every minute of it.

I had to admit, thoughI loved it just a little more whenever I was bending over for Mike.

College passes pretty fucking fast, Bobby,Mike said, reaching around me to pick up my statistics textbook. Youve gotta think ahead. Back when I was a sophomore, one of our Nu brother alumni lined something up for me with Mercol, Briston, Myers.It was one of the top firms in the country. “I’ve been interning for them for the last couple of summers, and as soon as I graduate, Ive got a position waiting there for me.

Thats great,I said, biting my lip as I looked away. At the rate I was going with my classes, Id probably end up lucky to work at some third-rate firm with a shit salaryif I even managed to gut out the full four years of requirements and actually get my finance degree, that is.

I think youd be a real asset at a place like Mercol, Briston, Myers,Mike said, tossing the stats book back on my desk. He leered down at me. I know I’d like having you there.

I swallowed, wishing it could really happen. Not so much because I cared about the job—finance had been my fathers pick—but knowing Mike wanted me there?

That definitely did something to me.

I’d been lying to my father for months, telling him I was doing better than I really was. I didnt feel all that guilty about it, though. My father was an asshole, and besides, I was having such a great time at school in every way other than classes that it was easy to sound upbeat when I spoke to him.

But disappointing Mike? That really sucked.

Whats that look for? You wouldnt wanna join me at MBM?he asked, frowning down at me when I didnt answer fast enough.

“I’d love to,I said quickly. But I dont thinkI mean, I doubt that I’d…”

Shit. I didnt want to admit how unlikely it was that theyd ever take me. Not to him.

Mikes eyes flicked over the mess that my study area had become, then he looked back at me sternly, raising one eyebrow. You failing stats?

I swallowed hard. No.

Dont lie to me, Bobby,he snapped, grabbing my chin when I tried to look away and forcing me to meet his eyes.

No sir,I said, his tone making me automatically revert to the formality of rush week. “I… I’m not doing great, but Im not failing.


What I was, was getting a painfully hard dick from the way he kept grabbing me. I hated to disappoint him about my performance with stats, but God, I really, really hoped he was going to take out every hard inch of his disappointment on my ass.

I want you at MBM after you graduate,Mike said, his fingers digging into my jaw. Nu brothers stick together. You going to let me down?

No sir,I said automatically, the fact that he sounded serious—he really wanted me to follow him after graduation?—finally breaking through my haze of horniness and leaving me feeling a little dazed.

As good as these last few months in the frat house had been, the idea that it might not have to end after college? That Id see Mike again after he graduated, even if I did have to wait a few years?

That was so hot it made me squirm in my seat.

But then I thought about what Id said. Id promised not to let him down, but shit. I didnt know if I could keep that promise.

You know I like doing what you want, Mike,I said, my mouth going painfully dry as I tried to backtrack. “I’m just not sure—”

I’m sure,he interrupted, letting go of my chin and stroking my hair like he owned me. Youve got to get your grades up, Bobby, and if youve been slacking off, it means youve failed to lean on your brothers, havent you?


I couldnt follow that line of reasoning. Or maybe I was just too distracted by the way all the blood had drained down to my smaller head.

You have,Mike answered for me. Your Nu brothers are here for you, just like we expect you to be here when we need you. You will pass statistics, and its clear that youre going to need a little carrot-and-stick action to get you there.

I squirmed in my seat. Carrots and sticks? That sounded a little hardcore, but I couldnt deny that the idea of Mike fucking me with anything whatsoever made my dick jerk in my pants. Id rather have his cock, but who was I to complain? My duty as a freshman Nu brother was to give the seniors whatever they wanted, so

Mike laughed, pulling me to my feet. I can tell what youre thinking, you kinky little fuck, but no. Im talking about rewardsand punishment. If Im gonna stick something in your ass, Im sure as hell not gonna bother with a carrot, now am I?

I nodded, panting a little now that the conversation was moving back in the direction of my favorite thing: getting fucked.

How, um, how does that work exactly?I asked, liking the fact that at least hed moved on to talking about sticking something in my ass instead of the homework Id been dodging all night.

Mike had a firm grip on my bicep, and he tugged me closer, putting the beer hed been holding down so he could grab onto both my arms. The heat of his body started sending little shocks of lust through mine that made it really hard to think straight, and I was so damn horny now that I wanted to lean in and just grind against him until I got off.

We both knew that he was in charge, though, so I waited.

It works however I say it works,Mike said, his hot hands stroking up and down my arms, making me shiver. And right now, it sounds like youve been slacking off on your studies, right?

I nodded, moaning a little at the wicked look that came into his eyes.

Time for the stick then, Bobby.

Without any other warning, he spun me around so my back was flush against his front, one arm around my chest as he locked me in place. He bent down to whisper in my ear, and it felt just like it had the first time hed had me in this position back on the night Id officially become a Nu brother. In other words, hot as fuck.

Mikes cock grinding into my ass made it a pretty sure bet that whatever else he had planned with all the carrot and stick talk, I was definitely going to get what I wanted at some point tonight.

And what I wanted? Mike to fuck me. Hard and fast and without taking no for an answer.

Pants down,he ordered, his breath tickling my neck and making a shudder of pure want shoot through me.

I whimpered, fumbling at my belt as I hurried to do as Id been told. I shoved my pants down around my thighs eagerly, my hard-as-a-rock dick slapping against my stomach once it was freed and giving away just how bad I needed this.

I said stick, Bobby,Mike said with a burst of husky laughter that made me all the more desperate for him to hurry up and get his dick in my ass. You shouldnt be this excited. The stick is not a reward.”

He reached around with his free hand to slap my cock, and I gasped, my shaft so sensitive that the crack of his hand felt like fire. Tears sprang to my eyes at the pain, but my dick? Oh, yeahhhhhhh. It liked it, just like it liked it every time Mike got rough with me.

He did it again, and my cock started throbbing, swelling even thicker from the painor maybe because of it? I never would have guessed before becoming a Nu brother, but something about that sweet, sweet mix of pain and pleasure made me get off harder than anything else.

And no one was better at giving it to me than Brother Mike.

Bend over,he said, his voice a low rumble, already thick with the kind of lust that promised I was going to get every single thing I wanted tonight.

This carrot and stick action was turning him on just as much as it was me.

Mike took matters into his own hands when I didnt bend over fast enough for him, shoving me down against my desk and then pushing my pants all the way down around my ankles. He kicked my legs apart, leaving me spread and ready for him with my dick trapped between my body and the desk.

So… fuckinghot when he took charge like that.

Before I knew what was happening, his hand cracked against my ass, driving me forward.

I yelped, my hands clutching the far edge of the desk in a white-knuckled grip as my entire ass burst into flames. This was new. Mike was a big guy—he had a good five inches and sixty pounds of muscle on me—and he wasnt messing around. He rubbed at my burning cheek for a half a second, then pulled his hand back and let me have it again on the other side.

Oh fuck,” I gasped, gritting my teeth. This wasnt kinky-sex spanking, it was the kind of hardcore punishment my father used to dish out back when Id been a kidand it was making my dick so hard I was in serious danger of coming all over my stats homework at any second.

Thats right,Mike said, breathing heavily as his hand cracked against my ass again.

Tears sprang to my eyes. I bit my lip so hard I tasted blood, the burning heat spreading through my ass so intense that I had to stop myself from begging him to quit.

It fucking hurt.

But oh God, oh fucking God, it also had my knees shaking and my spine tingling and my balls getting that tight, heavy feeling that made me want to beg him for something else entirely.


Youve got to get your grades up, dont you, Bobby?

Sir, yes sir,I panted, doing my best not to tense up as he rubbed a rough hand over my ass. His touch turned the stinging burn into a warm glow of heat that funneled right into my dick, making it throb even harder. I promise, I will, Brother Mike.

I would promise him anything.

Oh, I know you will,he said, using one of those big hands to spread me open. He slid his fingers into my crack, rubbing between my cheeks a few times before thumbing at my hole and making me crazy. His fingers started to tease my balls as that thumb pressed and released, pressed and released, teasing me with a taste of what I suddenly needed more than anything. Youre going to do exactly what I tell you, arent you?he asked, leaning against me to breathe the words right into my ear.

Oh God, oh yes, please, Mike,” I begged, my whole body starting to shake underneath him as he sped up the teasing rhythm on my hole. “I’ll do anything. Pleaseoh fuck, oh fuckplease give me more.

Give me your cock.

You know I will, baby,Mike whispered, his hand still doing wicked things to my ass. But if you want more, youve got to do something for me, too.

I moaned, pushing back against him in rising desperation. The way my ass burned from that spanking made it impossible to concentrate on anything but that heat, and I was so damn horny I couldnt concentrate on what he was saying. The weight of his body on top of me, pressing me down so my dick was forced to rub against the top of my desk, was gonna make me go off without permission if he didnt hurry up and fuck me.

Mike would be pissed if that happened.

I tried to concentrate. He wanted me todo somethingfor him.


Please,I begged prettily, knowing he was just sadistic enough to withhold his cock if I ignored him. Tell me what you want me to do. You knowyou know Ill do anything.

I hoped Id managed not to sound impatient, even though what Id really wanted to do was just beg him to hurry the fuck up and take me. But I knew from experience that if I did, hed only torture me more before finally giving me what I needed.

Mike loved to fuck mebut he loved to see me squirm even more.

He stood up and pressed himself against me from behind, still holding me down with one heavy hand between my shoulder blades. His cock wasnt grinding into me the way I was so desperate for, but I could feel his hand moving behind my ass—could tell from the sound of it that he was undoing his pants—so I could wait.

You got lube in here, Bobby?Mike asked, his voice raw enough that I knew he was getting impatient, too.

Yeah,I managed.


He wasnt letting me up to show him where it was, but I tapped the desk drawer to my left, my cheek still pressed into the papers strewn across my desk. Mike pulled the drawer open and found what he need it, then made me gasp when he squirted some straight onto my hole without warning.

That shit was cold, but I wasnt going to complain.

Mike started working it into me with his fingers, and I could feel the heat of his bare cock against the still-stinging skin at the top of my thighs.

So… close

Grab your stats book, Bobby.

His fingers were still inside me—definitely more than one—and hed found that spot that always made me crazy. I moaned, pressing back against him as I tried to fuck myself on his fingers.


I gasped, a wave of fiery pain shooting through me as his free hand connected with my left ass cheek.

I said, grab your stats book, Bobby,Mike grunted, spanking me again.

He hadnt stopped with those fingers, though, and getting spanked while finger fucked?

Oh God. Oh fuck. Fuckkkkkkkkkkk.

“I’m…. I’m gonna come, Mike,I panted, my trapped dick throbbing against the desk as I went into sensory overload. “I’m gonna—”


Crack! Crack! Crack!

He spanked me hard, not letting up between blows, and I cried out, my hips slamming into the edge of the desk hard enough that I knew thered be bruises later.

No coming until you show me youre serious about passing this statistics class,Mike said when he finally let up, pulling his fingers out and holding me down against the desk. He started rubbing a hand over my burning ass, and it felt so empty without something in it that I could cry.

Fucking Christ though that pain/pleasure thing had me a hot mess of mixed up horniness. The way he was rubbing my abused skin felt goodand hurtand kinda made me want to purr like a cat. I wanted to beg him to hit me again and beg him to fuck me, all at the same time.

Damn, youre as red as a cherry back here, Bobby,Mike said, his voice husky and low with a kind of appreciative lust that made me think I might be able to come just from hearing him talk. From making him happy. You want it bad, dont you?he asked, letting his fingers trail lightly over my hole as he kept making those big, firm circles against my burning skin with his palm.

Teasing me.

Torturing me.

Yes,I gasped shamelessly. I gave zero fucks if he knew how desperate it was. I liked him knowing what he did to me. Please—”

Damn, youre making me too hard, Bobby,he muttered, rubbing his cock against me to prove it. Youre gonna make me go find another brother to take care of this if you dont hurry up and do what I told you.

What?I asked, squeezing my eyes closed as I tried to concentrate. Mike never quit once he started using me.

He wouldn’t, would he?

If he did, I didnt think I could handle it. If he left me like this—hot and needy and desperate and hornier than Id ever been in my life—well, honestly, Id rub one out so fast it would probably make me dizzy.

But it wouldnt be the same. I didnt want that. I wanted Mike.

And he wantedwhat the fuck was it that he wanted me to do?

What had I missed?

I always did everything Mike said. Always.

Last time Im gonna tell you,he growled, slapping my ass again. Grab your textbook so you can have your carrot, Bobby.

I reached for my stats book.

He pushed a finger back inside me.

“Oh God, Mike,” I panted, my hands tightening around the book as he went straight for my sweet spot. Oh fuck.”

Open the book, Bobby, or I get out the stick again.

I moaned.

He laughed.

Oh, you like that stick just a little too much, dont you?He pulled his fingers out, stroking them over my hole so lightly I wanted to scream. Open the damn book,he said, sounding like he was running out of patience. Show me what youre working on.

I flipped it open.

Good boy. Now Im gonna teach you just how fun statistics can be,he said, leaning over my shoulder and reading out loud from the chapter Id given up on earlier. Find the mean in the data set below.”

You’re mean.I pressed back against his finger.

He took it away.

Please, Mike, fuck me already,I whined.

Mike straightened up, grabbing my hips and rubbing the slick head of his fat cock over my hole. I gasped, and he did it again. And againand again. Holding me down with his other hand so I couldnt move, but notpushing… it… in.

Whats the first step in finding the mean, Bobby?he asked, his breath hot against my neck as he leaned into me and almost breached me.

Oh fuck Mike, really?” I gasped. I didnt give two shits about statistics right now.

You need another stick?he asked, palming my still-burning ass and squeezing it tight.

I groaned. It fucking hurt and fucking made me crazy.

I didnt need another stick, though, I just needed his cock. How did he expect me to think about dry numbers and boring stats when hed already gotten me so worked up?

He still wasnt fucking me, though, so Id do it. For him.

Um.I tried to ignore the way my ass craved him and think. “To find the, uh, mean, you look forno. Um, you put the numbers in… in order? And… nnnnghhhhhh.”

He surged forward, making it just inside my tight ring before stopping.

Oh fuck. Mike.”

He didnt move.

You add them up,I gasped, my horny brain finally clueing into his game. You add themup and… um… count how many andoh fuck, oh God.”

Now that I was finally answering his questions, giving him what he wanted, Mike started fucking me. Driving home in one hard thrust as soon as I obeyed and then slamming into me again, even harder.


Just the way I needed.

Jesus, your ass, Bobby,he groaned. I could do this all day. Now tell me how tonnghhhfind the median.

I did.


Jesus fuck I dont even know what I said, but I guess it was good enough, because he didnt let up. Kept pounding me. Pressing me into the desk and driving that thick cock as deep as it would go, over and over and over.

Best… carrotever.

And fuck, Mike was right, too. With his cock buried inside me, hitting my prostate with every answer I gave him, statistics became my new favorite subject.

Dont come,he grunted just as my balls started to pull up tight against me, preparing to unload.

Oh, God, oh fuck Mike,” I panted. I can’t—”

You come and were done, Bobby,he growled. I mean it. Ill fuck someone else for the rest of the year.

He’d finally dropped the stats review, fucking me so hard now that my dick started to burn—about to be rubbed raw against the top of my desk, but I didn’t care—but I could tell he wasnt kidding around about that. Mike had always made it clear he expected me to obey him, and despite how close I was to shooting off, I wasnt going to let him down.

He grabbed the back of my hair, yanking me up against him.

You like it when I use you hard, dont you?he whispered into my ear, driving into me like a jackhammer.

Yeah. Fuck yeah. He knew I did. I couldnt even answer this time, though, because I was about to fuck up big time. Hed told me not to come… I’d tried… I’d triedbut his cock felt so good and the rougher he got, the less control I had.

I was gonna come.



I couldnt stop itcouldn’t

Mike reached around, his hand wrapping around my dick and squeezing so tight I saw stars.

I gasped, arching back against him as he stopped my orgasm and owned it.

Youll come when I say. Not before.Mike pulled out, flipping me over and shoving me onto my back on top of the desk without ever letting go of my dick. He folded me in two. Grab your knees.

He pushed that thick cock back inside me without waiting to make sure Id obey, bottoming out with one hard thrust. For all his talk, he was gonna blow, too.

“Mike,” I panted, my whole body shaking. Mike… oh God… oh pleasepleaseplease…”

He had to let me come.

Had to.

Fuck, youre tight,he gritted out, using the fingers of his free hand to dig into my hip, keeping me in place as he pounded me. How are you… still… so fuckingtight, Bobby? Dont I fuck you enough?

Mike shifted his hips and slammed into me again, nailing my prostate so hard my vision whited out. His fist was still wrapped around my dick, his grip so tight it was on the pain end of the pleasure/pain line, but when he drew back and slammed his cock home again, he loosened his hand just enough to slide it up and twist his palm around the head of my cock and thenstroked… me… again

Fuck fuck fuckbkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,” I screamed, losing it. I came like a fire hose, spraying it all over my chest and face as my world shut down to nothing but coming.


Coming so hard it was gonna wreck me.

Mike fucked me through it as my vision finally started to clearas I gasped for air, licking the cum off my lipsshuddering as his cock hit my too-sensitive prostate again.

And again.

It was too muchbut it was Mike. I moaned, every thrust making me shudder. I still couldnt get enough.

You dirty little bastard,he grunted. He wiped my chest, shoving his cum-covered hand into my mouth as he kept fucking me through the aftershocks. You… disobeyed,” he panted, grinning at me wickedly.

I sucked the cum off his fingers greedily, but I couldnt answer. Id come so hard that I still couldnt speak. My burning ass clenched around his cock as he shoved his fingers further into my mouth, watching me suck them clean.

Thats it,he said, staring down at my mouth as he fucked me even harder. Fuck, Bobbyyeahyeah.”

His hips started to stutter and he slammed into me one last time, growling out my name. His head fell back, the cords standing out in his neck as he arched backward and came, shooting his hot load into my ass until he had me full.

He looked like some kind of hot sex god.

My sex god.

I loved college, and pledging Phi Beta Nu was the single greatest thing that had ever happened to me.

“I’m gonna help you study every night this semester, baby,Mike said, smearing more cum over my face as he grinned down at me. Nu brothers dont let each other down, and when you graduate in a few years, Ill have something good waiting for you at Mercol, Briston, Myers.

I knew he was talking about a job, but I figured if I played my cards right, Id be able to get more of what I really wanted from Mike when I joined him at MBM.

And until then?

I grinned right back at him. Oh, hell, yeah. I wasnt going to let Brother Mike down.

With his carrots and sticks to motivate me, I was going to study my ass off.


End of Episode 2

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