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Summer Break

The Fuck House on Frat Row: Episode 3


I.M. Cockman

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Summer Break: Part One - Mike Parker

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Summer Break: Part Three - Mike Parker

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Summer Break: Part One

Mike Parker

I swiped through the guys on Grindr, flopping down on my new couch and pressing my hand against my half-enthused cock as I scanned the app for someone hot to take the edge off.

Nope, too bulky.

Nah, too hairy.

Oh, hell no. I liked small guys, butJesus H. Hip bones and rib bones all showing, did this one even eat?

I swiped again, then tossed the phone down on the coffee table with a frustrated sigh and dropped my head back against the couch, closing my eyes. No doubt about it, college had spoiled me.

Well, not college—more like Phi Beta Nu.

After four years, Id been more than ready to graduate and get on with my adult life, but not gonna lie, I did miss some of the perks of being a Nu brother. Of course, I’d always be a Nu brother and I knew damn well that my career path—and hell, this condo and the furniture in it and the shiny new car Id just leased—had all come to me a little bit easier because of the Nu brothers who had come, no pun intended, before me. But having connections out in the real world wasnt the same as the convenience of living with my brothers 24/7 in what had been known around campus as the Fuck House on Frat Row.

And it definitely wasnt the same as having Bobby Lane at my beck and call.

As far as I was concerned, Bobby pledging Phi Beta Nu had turned my senior year into the most epic in the history of the Fuck House, and I groaned, grinding the heel of my hand against my dick as it started to get more excited now that I had Bobby on the brain.

I hadnt seen him in weeks, not since Id graduated and hed fucked off to whatever the hell he was doing with the summer break between his freshman and sophomore years. I hadnt asked where he was headed for the summer, and now I was kicking myself for it.

Well, I mean, technically, now I was basically jerking off, not kicking myself.

Remembering Bobbys sweet, tight little ass and all the ways hed let me use it.

Thinking about how hot it had been to initiate him into the fratto hear him squeal and moan and beg for my cockto have him not even try to hide the fact that he got off on the Phi Beta Nu tradition of freshman serving seniors.

Trust me, Id been looking forward to my senior year for the entirety of my college career, but Id still never counted on being blessed with a horny little freak like Bobby.

My horny little freak.

I lifted my hips and shoved my shorts out of the way, spitting into my palm so I could get serious about giving my dick what it needed.

Bobby Lane liked it a little rough, and even though hed enthusiastically done his duty as a Nu brother whenever and for whomever asked, I was pretty fucking sure that hed enjoyed it just a little bit more when he was doing it for me. That boy had looked for any excuse to bend over and give me his assto let me shove my cock into his hot little mouthto go against one of my rules, just so Id have an excuse to make him pay for it.

My freaky little Bobby got off on all of it.

He was fucking perfect.

I groaned again, my hand speeding up as the memories started coming hot and fast. Youd never know he was such a horny little cockslut to look at him. Pretty little face that he barely needed to shave yet. Pretty little body. All yes, sirand no, sireven when he didnt have to.

How many times had we been out and about somewhere on campus—surrounded by other people with Bobby acting all cute and innocent so youd think he was some kind of untouched virgin—but all the while, hed be angling his delicious little body to hide the fact that he had one hand down my pants and was jerking me off. I dont know what had turned him on more, getting away with public sex or knowing that Id have to punish him for it later if he got caught.

Probably both.

I wanted him back.

I thumbed my slit, remembering how good his tongue felt there. Damnnnnnn. My breath was starting to sound like some kind of wet, sloppy porn soundtrack, but fuck if I could help it. That boy just did it for me. Especially when he turned those big eyes and pouty lips on me, somehow managing to look like he was smiling even when he wasnt. It was an expression that Id learned quick enough was his way of silently begging me to slap him around a little while I fucked him, and damn if it wasnt hella sexy.

My balls went hot and tight at the memory, and I groaned again, not giving one single fuck if the neighbors could hear.

I was close to coming, and I was gonna come hard.

I let my head fall back against the back of the couch again, squeezing my eyes close so I could picture what I really wanted. The almost drunken look that would come over Bobbys face when Id twist his nipples too hard, or how fucking hot his bouncy little ass looked when I spanked it cherry red, or how it felt to pin him against a walla bedhis desk

Oh fuck.

Oh fuck.

My hips slammed up into my hand, and the fingers of my other one scrabbled against the leather of my couch, looking for purchase on the too-smooth, too-tight surface.

Kind of reminded me of Bobbys ass, actually.

Fucking Christ, Id love to see my boy spread out on all this leather.

I was thrusting into my fist fast and furious now, panting out something that may or may not have been his name, but fuck if I cared. Sharp, hot waves of pleasure were shooting out of my balls and right up my dick, making my entire body tighten with the kind of impending orgasm I hadnt had since school got out.

Since Bobby.

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