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A Magic Potion Turned Me into A Bimbo



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Sexy Excerpt:

I returned to the bedroom and the full-length mirror. There was no doubt that I was female. How is this possible? I breathed deeply and lifted off my shirt. I had boobs! Round and firm ones, with soft pink aureoles. They looked so inviting. So, I pinched my nipple between thumb and forefinger. A tingle ran up my spine as they hardened. Maybe this wasn't so bad? My reflection enraptured me. Blonde hair, wide green eyes, firm breasts. I'd always been turned on by girls like this. Curiosity seized me, and I pulled down my sweatpants. Fully naked, I spread my legs wide. The familiar dangling testicles and penis had vanished. Now, a downy triangle nestled between my thighs. Delicate pink lips hid beneath light-colored hair. What does it feel like? Curious, I inched my finger closer towards the fascinating opening.

Prologue: Why You Should Never Marry a Witch

I should’ve realized all the warning signs there. My wife wasn’t like most women. She was gone every night of the full moon for meetings with her book club. Then there were the odd things she kept in our house. Strange bottles, a big black book, and an old-fashioned broom. I just considered her eccentric and little quirky. I didn’t know that one day my wife’s occult practices would cause me to be magically transformed into a bimbo! It’s not like I didn’t fantasize about becoming a woman. I’ve always loved women, more than most men did. Who couldn’t admire their beauty and softness? Not to mention all the all the fascinating cosmetics and sweet-smelling perfumes they wore. Then there were clothes. The silky lingerie, the smooth stockings, and spikey high-heels. What man wouldn’t be fascinated by such erotic objects?

But everything changed the night I mistakenly took a sip from of one my wife’s potions. I thought it was just a bottle of hot sauce. But instead, it was a magical potion that transformed me into a horny bimbo! How in the world could this happen? Now I was stuck in the body of a sexy-slut with no chance of turning back to normal. My only hope would be that my wife’s magic was strong enough to break the curse. After all, isn’t that what I really wanted? Or did I secretly hope the spell would fail? Leaving me trapped in the body of a female forever?

A Magic Spell Turned Me into a Bimbo

My wife is beautiful but odd. For one, she concocts the strangest homebrews. "It's a family tradition," is what she tells me. A big mysterious book sits on a stand in our kitchen. Indecipherable symbols printed on each page.

"Leave it alone!" Amber scolds if I try to open it. Also, multi-colored vials and bottles line our kitchen shelves.

Don't open that!

Put it down!

Frank, get out of the kitchen!

Are what's shouted if try to investigate. After a while, I lost interest. Our kitchen became my wife's sole domain. I'm Frank Andrews. A typical American guy who loves football. Never missed a game! My wife's name is Amber. She's endowed with sparkling green eyes, fiery red hair, and a near perfect body. I’m one lucky son-of-a-bitch to be married to her. But one crazy weekend, I learned a valuable lesson about taking her for granted.

"Frank," Amber stood behind my recliner.

"Can it wait?" I'd just settled into my comfy chair. This Sunday was a Packers game, and I was a diehard fan.

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