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Carnal knowledge

a Story from The Box

by Patricia Ray

Copyright 2019 by Patricia Ray

All rights reserved.

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About Stories from The Box

These stories revolve around a visual chat environment called The Box. In this cyber world, users can be who they want to be and pursue any sexual desire. Men and women of all walks of life meet here. Some people remain anonymous behind their computer, others cross the line to the real world and meet in person or somewhere in between. These stories are about real people seeking to fulfil their desires, if only virtual.

Carnal knowledge

Carnal Knowledge has never been in the top ten most popular Homes in The Box. But it is one of the oldest Homes. The owner is a man who calls himself Captain Savvy. He’s a Box veteran. For as long as anyone can remember, he has been part of the visual chat community. He’s known to be a Wanderer: people who roam The Box going from Home to Home, never sticking around very long anywhere. The Captain is well-liked. He is considered charming and funny. But he’s also a bit of a mystery. Some claim that in real life he owns a farm in Yorkshire, but others say that he’s a Scottish actor who doesn’t want his online life to become public.

In the early days of The Box, his username was Wblake. He would write the W with slashes like this: \/\/blake. Even then, he used pictures of Johnny Depp for his avatar. Soon after the release of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, he changed his username to Captain Savvy and started using pictures of Depp’s Jack Sparrow character.

Being a Wanderer, the Captain isn’t in his own Home very often, but everyone knows he is there every other Friday night. For years, he has hosted events on those evenings, mostly quiz nights and story nights. He also generously allows others without a Home of their own to use his for events they want to host. For this purpose, he created a room called The People’s Pulpit.

The Captain has never been pinned to a woman in The Box, but he’s popular for cybersex. There are stories going around about how he can bring women to a climax with his sexy voice and articulate choice of words. A few years ago, the interface of The Box was updated with an audio and video tool for one-on-one use. Of course, it became extremely popular, especially for cybersex.

Barby tells me that an audio session with the Captain is like hearing Robbie Williams whisper dirty words in your ear. I was already curious about the Captain. He regularly pops in and out of The Slutty Hut, the Home I like going to. He’s funny, and I feel drawn to the mysterious aura he has. But he never stays long enough for me to muster up the courage to talk to him. When he announced a story night at Carnal Knowledge, I knew I wanted to go. Usually, people are invited to submit stories for such an evening, and a theme is announced. But, this time, there has been no such announcement.

Barby says she’ll come with me tonight. We’re at the Main Hall of The Slutty Hut. It’s still quiet. The only other person in the room is Heathcliff, but, as usual, his cartoon chicken avatar is hanging upside down in a corner. A sign around the neck of the chicken says BRB. Everyone at The Slutty Hut knows Heathcliff leaves his avatar online even when he’s out at work.

“Savvy’s also good at illustrating his stories,” Barby says. “He really programs the whole thing.”

“What do you mean?” I ask.

I’m relatively new to The Box. I stumbled upon it by accident a year ago, and now I log on at least three times a week. My job at Magnet Garage— yes, it's an advertising company—is demanding and stressful, and I find that The Box makes me relax in a way that I can’t do otherwise. I’m single, and evenings get lonely sometimes. More often than not, I’m too tired or stressed to call a friend for a drink or a movie. So, before The Box, I would just watch TV or play games on my Xbox. Racing games are my guilty pleasure. I’ve got the whole Need for Speed series. But it’s not how a girl wants to spend every evening of her twenties, is it?

One evening, I googled a movie called The Box that a colleague had recommended to me. I clicked on the wrong search result, and it opened the general website of The Box, which to me had a definite 90s look. Reading about it, I became curious, and I downloaded the software for the interface. For someone my age—I’m turning twenty-seven this year—The Box is rather old-fashioned, but I was taken by it immediately. That first night, I browsed through the directory of Homes and was amazed at how many places I could visit and how many people were logged on. I started out by visiting the most popular places and got hooked that first evening. People were kind and sociable, willing to help me understand how The Box works. After a few weeks, I met Barby, who invited me to The Slutty Hut. I thought the name was tacky, but after also being introduced to the other women who own the place with Barby, I felt right at home. The name is of course meant to be tongue-in-cheek. The Prodigies—as owners of Homes are called—often use the word slut amongst themselves. Barby even said to me that only proven sluts are allowed to become Prodigies. I’d love to be a Prodigy one day, but I don’t know if I’m slutty enough. Ha!

For the past year, I’ve been a regular at the Hut, but I roam around too. At Twisted Desires, I had my first cybersex experience. A man called Kallous made me laugh the whole evening, and in the end, he invited me to his room. When I read the invitation in the murmured chat bubble—which means that the chat is one-on-one—I felt a little tickle travelling up my tummy. I knew what it meant to go inside to a private room, but I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do there. Kallous was patient with me, and I learned that I have a knack for erotic talk. I really enjoyed describing to him in detail how I’d kneel before him to take his cock out of his pants. How I’d lick and suck it and jerk him off to a climax, catching the come on my boobs. I don’t know if he came in real life, but the thought of making a guy come by talking dirty to him excited me immensely. Later on, in bed, I masturbated thinking of Kallous going down on me and fucking me in my favourite spoon position. Of course, it wasn’t Kallous whom I fantasised about, because I have no clue what he looks like. I imagined Alexander, a new client at work, fucking me. It was also him that I thought about when I typed all that dirty stuff in Kallous’s room. I know it’s no use to try anything for real with this Alexander. He’s married, and when the project for our company ends, I will probably never see him again. But a girl can dream as wet as she likes, right?

I’m quite shy in real life, especially with men I find attractive, but in The Box, I am far less reserved. The avatars I use are pictures of hot models with sexy dresses or lingerie. Mostly they’re brunettes like me, but sometimes I use redheads. I found that some men are especially attracted to redheads, so I use it to my advantage in this anonymous online world. There’s one redhead avatar I really like. Her long, dark, red curls fall sideways over her bare shoulder. She has a short summer skirt with a tank top that shows a lot of cleavage. To me, she looks a bit mischievous, like she loves to flirt and enjoys the idea that men get excited seeing her. This is what I like about The Box; I can be whomever I want to be. So, I’m going to wear this redhead Ava to Captain Savvy’s story night, and who knows—maybe he’ll notice me.

“At what time is the story night supposed to start?” I ask Barby.

“Are you impatient, honey?”

“No. Well, yes . . . LOL.”

“Have you ever been to one of these events?”

“No. I have no clue what to expect.”

“You’re in for a treat, then.”

Barby triggers one of her Laugh-casts. This one has an avatar of the Evil Monkey from Family Guy and a soundbite of a Frankensteinish laugh. I giggle behind my laptop. It keeps amazing me that all the corny stuff in The Box amuses me so much. It’s all so silly and childish sometimes, but I enjoy my online evenings. There is a lot of flirting going on, and I really enjoy that too. Last Sunday, it was quiet at the Hut, so I roamed around for an hour before going to sleep. At a place called Similar Sins, a woman flirted with me. It was only later that I found out Similar Sins is an LBGT Home. There was quite a crowd, and I was just following the conversation without saying much. Out of the blue, she murmured to me, asking if I was a newbie. Even after a year in The Box, I still get excited when someone murmurs to me, and I told her I was a newbie in many ways. Playfully, she asked if I needed some guidance, and I teased back that some things were indeed still unclear to me. The conversation continued for about fifteen minutes, with a lot of sexual innuendo. It was great fun, and although I have never been sexually attracted to women, I liked the way she flirted. It was different from the way men do it. There was a warmth to it; it felt familiar. She calls herself Ms. Bojangles, and when I left—I really needed to sleep, or I would’ve been a wreck on Monday morning—she kissed me with a Kiss-cast the whole room could see. Many comments followed immediately.

“I need to show her my affection, people," Ms. Bojangles responded to the room. "Or she will not come back to me.”

I actually blushed. I should’ve cast a kiss on her too, of course, but like a shy, silly schoolgirl, I just said goodnight. As I masturbated that night, I fantasised about sex with a woman for the first time in my life. How her breasts would press against mine as we kissed long and hard. How she would know exactly which parts of my pussy I like to have touched. How she would sit over me backwards to show her ass and pussy to me as she rubbed my clit hard with a flat hand, and how she would make me come in short, jerky waves of pleasure. I imagined how I would be able to smell her juices as she herself got wet while making me come. A smell that would make me want to lick her to a climax. After making myself come with the help of my trusted Shibari Mini Halo, I remembered that my uni friend Carol once told me she’d had sex with another female student. She said they’d used a double-headed dildo. I had trouble falling sleep, as I kept seeing the image of her doing that in my mind’s eye. It must have penetrated my dreams too, because when I woke up to my alarm clock beeping at 7:00 a.m., my sheets were soaking wet.


Serena enters the Main Hall, and we all greet her with hugs and kisses. It’s busy at The Hut now. Most of the regulars and owners are here. Cub comes in, and he’s welcomed too. He sits next to Serena, and they warmly embrace and kiss. Barby told me he is much younger than Serena. They are expected to get pinned before the end of the month. I don’t know about this pinning thing. I mean, to get into a serious relationship in The Box seems odd. To me, the whole point of this chat community is having fun and being free. To commit to someone means there will be expectations and even obligations. I can’t even deal with that in real life. So why would I in here?

Serena asks me if I’m going to Savvy’s story night, and I say yes.

“I heard the Captain is going to make a chain story,” she says.

“What’s that?” I ask.

“It means everybody in the room is invited to contribute. You have to make up the story together. The Captain assesses the contributions and decides who is allowed to continue until there’s a winner.”


“Yeah, you have to come up with some good stuff, or you’re out, Pali,” she says.

“I like a challenge; believe me,” I tell her. To show my excitement, I use my Bouncy-cast, which makes my Ava bounce up and down.

“Can I ask you something, Paliseul?” Cub asks me. My username in The Box is Paliseul, but most people shorten it to Pali.

“Sure, Cub.”

“Did you know Paliseul is a place in Belgium?”

Shit. How did he know that? When I needed a username for The Box, I googled my real name—Beth—to find something I could use. I found out that Beth is the name of a small village in Belgium, and it is part of a municipality called Paliseul. I thought it would be funny to use it as a username.

“No, I didn’t know that,” I lie to Cub.

“He’s from Belgium,” Serena says. “So, I guess he’s been there.”

“I have,” Cub says. “It’s in the Ardennes. I went there for a weekend to walk with friends.”

“Sounds nice, babe,” Serena says. “I’d love to see you in your hiking outfit.” She casts him a kiss.

“It is nice there,” he says after kissing her back. “Funny that you have that name, and you don’t know about it.”

“I read it somewhere, I think. It stuck with me, so . . .” I do hope Cub leaves it now. I’m still a bit wary about people probing into my real life.

“I like Pali better,” Barby says. “I think you should shorten it.”

“Yeah, I agree," says Bourbon, one of the regulars at the Hut. “Pali is more exotic. Paliseul sounds like a brand of health shoes that old Belgian ladies wear.”

The room laughs. Bourbon is always joking around. But maybe he’s right. Pali maybe does look better on the screen, and it does have an exotic ring to it. I switch to my browser and google it. Wikipedia says it’s a very old language from India—the sacred language of Buddhism even. Wow. I switch back to The Box and change my name. When it shows up on my Ava, the room immediately reacts to it.

“Looks great!”

“Welcome, Pali!”

“And thy name shall be Pali,” Bourbon says, and he throws in a kiss too.

“Thanks, Bourbon. Luv you too,” I say.

“What’s there to love—it’s Bourbon?” Barby jokes, and immediately he casts a slap on the bum of her avatar.

She slaps him back. “Watch it, mate. I can kick you out anytime I want.”

“The print of your boot on my ass has been my lifelong wish, Barbydoll,” Bourbon says.

We all laugh. This is what I like about The Box: silly banter that cheers me up after a long day of work. I look at my redheaded Ava and the name Pali on it. I smile. It makes me feel happily different from the Beth I am during the day.


The pictures that Captain Savvy chooses for his rooms are quite tasteful. Not like the usual google searches of luxurious hotel lobbies, castle gardens, or tropical beaches. While we wait for the story night to start, I wander around in his Home. The background for a room named Rock-a-bye Baby is really odd. It’s of a house that is built inside a giant boulder. It stands on the edge of a cliff or a mountain and has one door, one window, and a chimney. It looks out over a beautiful valley. It’s a stunning place, but weird too.

Suddenly, the Captain pops in.

“What are you doing here? We’re about to start,” he says.

“I was just looking around. Nice place.”

“Would you want to live in a rock?”

“I don’t know. Seems cold.”

“Maybe. Igloos are warm, so maybe this works in the same way.”


“I see you changed your name.”


“It’s better. I like it.”

“Thanks.” I feel a blush on my cheeks.

He’s left the room already. I look at the user list and notice that he’s in the Meeting Room. I quickly double-click on the icon to move there too.

About twenty-five people have gathered. The screen is really crowded with Avas.

“Thank you for coming,” Captain Savvy says. “We have a lot of people tonight, so that’s great. I will first explain some house rules, and then we will start.”

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