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Special Indulgence

Special Indulgence

I'd always had a thing for cum - semen, jiz, spunk - and the way it felt and tasted and smelled, the way you could paint it on your nipples and rub it around and round. The way it felt drying on your skin, and the simple thrill thinking about where it came from and how it came out.

I guess it started the first time I ever jagged off and decided I wanted to taste it.

After that first time I'd jerk off in my hand and then slurp it up. Doing that would nearly always get me hard again unless it was my eighth or ninth ejaculation of the day. Then supplies would run low.

But with all the fantasies I had and would make up or imagine, I never quite got into the ones where I was sucking another guy's dick. It somehow...just wasn't for me. I couldn't picture it.

Well, I could, but it was a turn-off for me.

Which is, I guess weird.

So I'd imagine screwing some cute chick, slurp, imagine her slurping - or me slurping my jiz from her oozing pussy - and things were okay.

Then I found myself in college, surrounded by gorgeous girls of every description - and I mean gorgeous in every way that I ever fantasized about: faces, shoulders, hands, toes, knees, butts - the regular girl-body fetish; parts and whole girls. But jerking off is one thing; a guy really needs more, you know?

So then there were the little threesomes and more-somes and little frat orgies that would happen, and since I'm not a bad looking guy, I'd get invited and participate.

Now, with today's morals and whatnot, there was plenty of opportunity for me to sneak away somewhere and suck dick. Plenty. But still it wasn't a turn-on for me. I saw it - guys getting nasty with each other - and...still a no-go for me. What I liked were cute, gasping, out of control chicks, and yes, I fucked a truckload of them. I think they liked the idea that after I ate them to perfection, fucked them till I filled them with my spunk, that I'd be polite enough to go ahead and go down on them and slurp their pussies clean of what I'd just delivered. They had no idea, but they sure enjoyed it.

I sort of got the reputation for being a real good pussy-eater, and that made me popular.

And...okay, in those gatherings, I finally started to slurp cum out of pussies that wasn't necessarily my own. That was as close to being gay as I ever got. I loved it though, keeping my secret and still being seen as a great guy to invite to orgies.

Little did they know.

It finally got to the point where I'd swallowed enough jiz to actually surpass the amount of my own that I'd consumed. I didn't actually take out measuring spoons and write it all down, but after awhile it's pretty obvious. And the thing was, since it was just all fun and sex and kinky, the guys had no idea I was enjoying what they'd deposited. Though truthfully, after a girl has had five or six guys spooge in her pussy, things get squished and blended together, and you don't know which guy in the room is the one you've just tasted.

It went on like this through my first year in college, every other night, maybe, with the off-nights seeing me revert to either sipping my palm clean, or bending myself over a bit and squirting in my face; playing a little game of aiming to see how much I could actually gush straight into my open, waiting mouth.

Then the inevitable happened and I started hanging with a particular girl. My first romance, my first girlfriend. We fucked like bunnies every chance we got between classes and exams and whatnot. And I drank my fill each and every time. She considered herself a lucky girl to have someone like me - giving her a complete tongue-lashing before and after; that's not my ego talking but simply a little aside from a girl we both knew and found ourselves in bed with more than once. In fact that threesome got pretty regular and I found myself enjoying sucking my cum out of two different, but beautiful, pussies.

Then there was a foursome with another guy, and that only made things better. The guy hinted that he wouldn't mind pairing off with me when the girls - who were really into each other - were paired off and doing their sexy, sultry lesbian thing, but...again, I couldn't picture it. I loved drinking his goo straight out of either of the girls - or both, sometimes - but...having his dick in my mouth or my ass, well, it just didn't compute for me.

Of course I never let him know I loved his taste, it still being my little secret.

But during this whole time I did get a deep appreciation for the taste of pussy-dew. By that time I'd enjoyed the differing tastes and smells and viscous qualities of over fifty different, luscious pussies. Pussy juice had its own fascination, different but similar to cum, but I still looked forward to the latter.

There was that added spice when girls would ejaculate, which, because of how thorough and enthusiastic I was, was quite often. My reputation for making girls squirt quickly became added to my status of perfect pussy eater. Again, not my description, but something I'd heard through the grapevine.

Still though I loved the taste and texture of semen and found myself looking forward to it every chance I got.

Then, after my girlfriend decided she liked pussy better than cock (I could quite agree with her there) and went off with our threesome girl, I went back to attending orgies and smaller get-togethers as they arose. One of the most memorable was an eleven guy, one girl orgy, and when all the guys, including myself, were done with the girl and she lay there literally covered with cum and only semi-conscious from climaxing so many times herself, I found myself in the happy position of doing a little clean-up for her.

She really appreciated it, but not as much as I did! I got my fill, licking her from her forehead all the way to the soles of her feet, and though she and I almost started a relationship, she was more into group-sex and didn't want to have a single boyfriend. I attended a couple more of her gang-bangs and each time, though I got a nice variety of cum to sample, her thing was simply large numbers.

--Sort of like those record-breaking cattle call group fucks you see online. It became too impersonal and I...I found myself wanting a little more than being just 'one of the cocks in the room.' I mean, I don't consider myself overly into myself, but a guy is allowed a little bit of pride and self-respect, you know?

I began thinking of my first and only girlfriend and decided that something like that would be perfect for me. Before she went off with our third, I'd loved tasting our fourth's cum fresh from the pussy. Even before that though, I loved sucking my own spunk out of her. It had been personal and private and really, really satisfying. Maybe...maybe after all the other cum I'd tasted, variety wasn't actually the point; just cum by itself, even if it meant it would be just my own, was starting to look pretty good again.

I had several encounters of the erotic kind with girls I'd had sex with during some of those orgies I'd attended. They enjoyed me as much one-on-one as they had during the multiple-partner suck or lick whatever goes by gatherings, and I enjoyed them. It was nice having just one person to relate to, and to then enjoy my own fresh jizm straight out of their still quivering pussies.

But, like with all kinds of relationships, pure sex doesn't guarantee success or longevity. I went back - by habit - to another orgy after my third breakup, and though it was old hat by then, I got naked and waded in.

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