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B.J. Boyd

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Having just turned 18 six months prior, Nate Sanderson walked up and down Amsterdam’s red light district. He glanced nervously from window to window, not sure exactly what to do or which woman to pick. Most of the prostitutes looked like they came from Albania, Bosnia, or other Eastern European countries. No matter, many of them were beautiful in all their half-nude glory and in their red-lit windows. It made his decision much harder, he realized. After all, he only needed one of them to take his virginity away, and yet he couldn’t decide. If he was going to pay to lose his cherry, he wanted to make sure he picked the most beautiful girl there – partly to make the experience as memorable as possible. Yet, the illicit nature of hiring a hooker actually scared him to death, so he had trouble even looking at the women. Only, he didn’t know how much weirder things were about to become.

He had walked up and back the length the district five times, already. He only tried to look at the women through the corner of his vision, because if he committed his eyes, they’d beckon him, try and entice them over. Sure, maybe that was the point, but something inside him didn’t want to go through with it. Tourists, other ex-patriots, and Dutch people milled about him, window shopping. He was almost content to just watch people come and go, but he stopped walking once her heard somebody loudly banging on a window. Out of curiosity, he turned to see what was going on. That’s when he felt as if all the blood rushed out of his face.

Roos Aalders, his 20 year old Dutch neighbor, stood behind one of the neon red windows and enthusiastically grinned and waved at him. She wore only a purple bra, purple panties, and a lacy garter belt that held up her sheer stockings. Her straight brown hair hung down past his shoulder, for a long moment, he just stared at her, dumbfounded. Up until that point, he never really knew what she did for a living. Most times, they idly chatted together at either the bar or the cafe near their apartment building in Zeeburg. Half the time, she claimed she wanted to test and practice her English fluency by talking to him. Whatever her reason, Nate had been happy to spend any time at all with her. Part of him even thought he loved her, but he didn’t know how to even tell if it were an idle crush or something more serious.

Still, now, in a red light district, he looked at her cute face, realizing how much he had often fantasized about her. The thought of being with her – mingled with seeing her provocatively dressed – excited him, but only half way. An erection began to stiffen in his pants, but it wasn’t total, absolute, or complete. Roos enthusiastically continued to wave him over, but a profound sense of shame swept through him. Turning, he walked away, getting out of the red light district as quick as he could without breaking into a run.

On the tram back to Zeeburg and his home, he tried to not think about her at all. Although, that was futile. What would happen the next time he saw her? What would she say to him? What would he say to her? At his apartment building, he took the elevator up to his floor and only merely glimpsed at his shoes. At his flat, he opened the door and plopped down on the sofa with a beer. Part of him was relieved his parents were still out of the country – back in America, where his father was conducting some financial business in New York while his mother visited some friends upstate. Normally, they’d give him hell about wanting to drink, despite being of legal age in his host country. Nate didn’t even bother turning the television on or even booting up his laptop. He just sat and drank, staring at the wall that separated his home from Roos’ apartment. Eventually, he just drank enough beer to the point where he curled up on sofa and passed out.

The next day, Nate didn’t bother going out. He really didn’t want to see any of his friends and fellow graduates of the International American School of Amsterdam, and more than anything he didn’t want to leave his home. Walking out the door might mean running into Roos in the hallway. And how would that go? Nate made a breakfast of ham and eggs, ate, and cleaned up his dishes. He was about to absent mindly watch some British programming on Euro cable when he heard a knock on the door. Putting his eye to the peephole, he saw Roos in a simple leopard print blouse and tight blue jeans.

“Please open the door. I know you’re home.”

Nate hesitated, a moment. Then, after a quick bit consideration, he undid the chain on the door and pulled it open. Best to get this over with sooner rather than later, he thought. Roos walked in, neither smiling nor frowning. He showed her to the sofa. “You want something to drink?”

“No.” She sat and placed her black leather purse on the coffee table.

“Well, I’m going to have a beer.” He walked into the kitchen, opened the fridge door, and noticed that he’d drank all his beer the prior evening. Only a bottle of espresso-flavored Italian soda sat in there, so he pulled it out and opened it. When he returned to the living room, he sat in the armchair across for her.

“So,” he said. He couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“I’m curious,” she said. She crossed her arms. “Why did you not want to talk to me?”

“I don’t know.”

“I thought you liked me. Am I not your type?”

“I do. I just never knew you…”

“Well, now you do.”

“Why do you do it?’

“Why did you go there?”

“I’ve never actually done it.”

“Well lots of guys do, and it helps me make a comfortable living. I’m not ashamed of my job, Nate.”

“Isn’t it dangerous? I mean, with pimps and things like that?”

“It doesn’t work that way. Maybe in America it’s that way, but not here. I’m an independent contractor like many other women. I work for myself. I pay taxes on what I earn, and I follow all the rules and regulations. I’m a member of a union, too, so it’s a job, just like anything else.” Her face was completely devoid of emotion for a moment. “I provide a service.”

“What about the dangerous part?”

“No. There are CCTV cameras everywhere and the police routinely patrol the area. Plus, there are alarms in place. I’ve had to deal with some strange men, but I’ve never been threatened or anything like that.”

“But why do you do it?”

She looked a little agitated. “You don’t understand, Nate. The economy has been terrible, and Dutch schools put you into tracks. Because I acted up quite a bit, I wasn’t deemed fit for university. Once I left school, I couldn’t find a job and didn’t want to continue living with my parents, so I did what came naturally to me. After awhile, I built up a number of frequent and very loyal customers, partly because I’m one of the few Dutch girls available. Most of the others are foreigners.” She uncrossed her arms and put her hands on her thighs. “Now that I answered your question, answer mine. What were you looking for, and why wasn’t I good enough?”

“I wasn’t there to do anything…”

“You’re not a good liar.” She exhaled deeply. “I thought you were my friend?”

Even though he knew how she made a living, Nate still wanted to be her friend. Deep down, he still found her highly attractive. Only, he didn’t know what to say. He thought for a moment, and then he thought it best to just come clean. “Okay, I was there to purchase, as you say, services. But I have never done it before. I was confused and embarrassed.”

“It’s easy,” she said. “You just approach a window, make an agreement, pay, and…”

“No, Roos. I’ve never done it before.”

“Well, as I said…”

Nate blushed deeply. “Not that. I meant it.

“What? I’m not understanding you.”

He averted his eyes. “Sometimes, ‘it’ is a substitute word for sex.”

She smiled slightly and shook her head. “You bashful Americans. You…” She stopped abruptly, as something he said just sunk it. “You mean, you’re…”

“A virgin.” He kept his eyes averted. “I was there looking for my first time.”

“I don’t understand. You’re an attractive guy. You haven’t been able to find somebody?”

He pouted a little. “The girls at IASA didn’t seem to think so.”

“Can I tell you something?”

“Please don’t say something like. It’s okay, somebody is out there for you. It’s…”

“But Nate, there is.” She took a deep breath. “There’s me.” A moment passed before she spoke again. “I rarely mix business with pleasure. But when I saw you there, I got really excited. I thought maybe I’d finally have a chance with you. I’ve always been attracted to you. But no, you saw me and walked away. It really hurt my feelings. Here I am, having plenty of men around me, but the one I wanted didn’t want me.” She wiped a tear from her eye. “Normally, I enjoy my work. But you don’t know how lonely it can be. I know that sounds absurd, coming from a prostitute. But you don’t know how lonely sex can be sometimes, especially when it’s impersonal and only physical.” She started to cry. “Don’t get me wrong; I don’t hate what I do. It’s just – it’s just sometimes I want more than that. I haven’t been with somebody I genuinely cared about in years, and that’s what I’ve always needed. Sex feels different then. It feels special. So, I saw you, and I thought maybe I could have that, for once? But, no. You took one look at me and walked away.” Her crying turned to sobbing.

The sight of her tears washed away all the shame and bashfulness Nate felt. More than anything, he wanted to tell it was okay. Ever since his family moved to the Netherlands, Nate had to learn to make many cultural adjustments. What was normal back in the States wasn’t necessarily normal here – that much he knew. So, he wasn’t going to hold her prostitution against her; hell, it was completely legal and regulated, here. But even on a more basic level, seeing her so sad tugged on his heart. Deep down, he knew he had to say something. So, he put down his undrank soda, and he moved from the chair to the sofa, sitting next to her. He gathered her close to him and held her. She trembled, and for the first time since Nate met her, she looked and sounded so vulnerable. She glanced up at him with puffy, red eyes, and Nate didn’t turn away when she leaned in to kiss him.

He kissed her back, and it was rather sweet at first. Only, it also brought a result Nate should have expected. The longer their lips and tongues touched, the harder he got until his penis tented his trousers. If he stripped everything away from the situation, desire for her would remain, no matter what she did for a living. He had always wanted her, but with her being two years older than him, he thought she was out of his league. But now that she was in his arms, nothing else mattered. He didn’t care about the how or the why – he just wanted to be with her. Only, he didn’t know how to proceed. So, he pulled back a bit, so only two inches separated their faces. “I don’t know how this works. What are your rates?”

She blinked a few times. “You don’t understand. I don’t kiss customers.” She leaned into him, again, pressing her open mouth against his. He pushed her tongue out his mouth with his own. She stopped to breathe a moment. “And let’s not cheapen this with money.”

“Okay.” He leaned back to kiss her again. Still, he remained unsure of what to do from there. In the past, he’d imagined this plenty of times. Still, he didn’t know what her boundaries where. Would she mind if he touched her breasts? Did all she want to do was kiss? Nate’s hard-on raged, but he ignored it.

Roos picked up on his cues – almost as if she could sense his confusion of eagerness and hesitation. As they kissed, she guided his hand to her breast. With her hand over his, she squeezed gently. But then again, she started to feel slightly impatient. “We should go to your room, yes?”

They parted, and holding hands, they went into Nate’s bedroom. Quickly, she slipped his shirt off of him. In turn, she let him take her leopard-print blouse off. She unzipped his pants, and he peeled the tight jeans off of her. Eventually, they were down to the underwear in less than one heavy-breathing minute.

Nate had no choice but to marvel at her body as he slipped her bra and panties off. Everything about her seemed proportionate. While her breasts were not overly large, they were round and full, and they commanded his attention. He loved the shape of her legs and the curve of her hips. It seemed, though, that she had either shaven or waxed her pubic hair. In his imagination, he had always pictured her with a think triangle. Only now, it real life, she was different. He wasn’t complaining, though. Something about that smooth, whiskerless area compelled him to touch it. I smoothed his hand over, as he gathered her close enough to kiss her again. For all the pent up desire he had, her body always came in second to the most sexy part about her. She had a plain face; not that was bad, but it made her beautiful in her own way. Her soft eyes had something else to do with it.

Roos guided his hand for him, showing him nonverbally where to put his fingers. She only had to do it once, and once he knew where her clitoris was, he began to rub it slowly, tenderly. It made her kiss him even harder. She pulled his white cotton briefs down and took hold his hard erection. She wrapped her fingers around it, loving how not was not so tiny as to be concealed by her hand. Certainly, she had larger men before, but Nate seemed big enough to matter, but not too big that their eventually coupling would be uncomfortable.

As for Nate, her hand on his rigid cock seemed like a sensory overload. If kissing her had made him hard enough, the feel of her soft hands did him in quickly. He could feel his scrotum tighten to point of aching pain. He groaned, and after two strokes he grunted and came. Semen flew out of him and made a mess on her hands and her bare stomach.

“Oh my God,” he gasped. “I’m so, so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” she whispered in her ear. “You’re new to this. Give it a few minutes, it’ll will come back. Trust me.” She grabbed a towel out of his hamper and wiped the sperm off of her. Then, she sat on the bed, and then laid back and put her had on the pillow. She patted the space next to her.

If anything, Nate trusted her. After all, she must have had a lot of experience with men and their bodies. He climbed onto the bed with her, and something instantly struck him. He was not at all bothered by what she did. Sure, it was taboo in America, but it went deeper than that. He didn’t at all feel jealous of what had to be a countless number of other men in her life. It didn’t feel like he was coming in second to anybody. I don’t kiss customers, he remembered her saying. And yet, she freely kissed him. So, there it was: something of her that he could have that no john could ever pay for. Yet, he also realized that she probably did a lot for other men and got nothing in return. So, I wanted to lavish all his attention onto her.

Nate started with her breasts. She no longer had to guide him or his hands. Much of what he did came from instinct, and the rest came from all the Dutch, German, and French porn he had watched over the past three years. He swirled his tongue over her breasts, making circles around the ridges of her areola. Every so often, he stopped to flick her nipples with his tongue, but he went back and forth between them licking, kissing, and sucking as he went. She didn’t have to tell him she enjoyed it either, her muffled sighs told him enough. He moved down, inching is way closer to her shaven pussy. Once he got there, he wasted no time. Nate remembered when her clit was, and went straight for it. Much like with her nipples, he licked, sucked, and flicked it with his tongue. He could feel every twitch in her body as an expressive reaction. When he heard her begin to moan louder, he grinned, satisfied that he now knew how to please her – that he could cause such pleasure in her. The longer he waggled his tongue inside her, and the more he tasted and smelled her muskiness, the more a thrill ran through him. Turned out, Roos was right; it came back. He had grown hard, again, and he hoped he had gained an ability to last more than five seconds.

Still, despite his erection, he wasn’t about to stop eating her pussy. He found that the longer he licked and sucked on her clit, the more her body began to shake. Roos groaned harder as the minutes passed, and finally, she lifted her hips off the bed, and grabbed him by the back of his head. It seemed she was trying to press his face harder into her, and each time she seemingly spasmed, her pussy grew wetter and wetter. Nate drank her in.

When Roos relaxed, she reached down and tugged him by the ear. He looked up. Again, she patted the bed space next to her. Even if he didn’t want to, he withdrew his tongue from her and crawled away from her legs. Laying flat on his back, he wondered what she had in store for him next. Only, instead taking things further, she climbed off the bed and disappeared into the living room. Through the doorway, he saw her pick up her purse and root around. Watching her profile, he felt like the luckiest guy on earth.

Roos returned to him with a box of condoms and a few wet wipes. She opened it, and pulled out a packet. Climbing back onto the bed, she knelt next to his hips and leaned over him, taking his cock into her mouth. Slowly, she worked her lips all around his shaft, and she kept her eyes closed the entire time. She stroked him while she blew him, moving her wrist and her hand in unison. Nate put his hands behind his head and just watched, amazed and turned on by how her head moved back and forth, up and down. Plus, she did it such a way that showed a level of self awareness. She obviously knew he was watching her; she even held her brown hair up so that he could watch every second of her deliciously sloppy blow job. The feelings this brought him were exquisite and unlike anything he’d ever known. It brought tremors to his knees, and to his dismay, he was gritting his teeth with a couple of minutes. He clenched the bedding around him, as Roos bobbed her head harder and harder, grunting with him still stuffed into her mouth. Each sound she made brought jangling sensations that brought him closer and closer to the ege. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Christ,” he yelled, arching his back.

Roos didn’t stop though. She merely let him out of his mouth, but she squeezed and stroked his stiff cock even harder until a white jet of come erupted from him. It shot up into the air and splattered back down across his stomach. She giggled slightly at the sight, and then she reached for a pack of wet wipes to clean his essence off of him. As Nate’s cock started to go limp, she did her best to try and bring him back to attention. She opened a fresh pack of wipes and ran them over his dick, his scrotum, and his inner thighs. Interestingly enough, she lifted his balls and applied a wipe around there and the rim of his anus. This had Nate perplexed and thinking, What the hell is she doing?

“Alright,” she said. “Hold your legs open?”

He did so, hooking his hands behind his knees. To his surprise, she took one his testicles into her mouth and hummed, slightly. She also took his now-limp penis between her fingers and squeezed slightly. Her mouth on him, this way, started to slowly bring him back to arousalThis wasn’t the only shocking this she did; once Roos let his testicle out of her mouth, and moved south, rimming his asshole with her tongue. Nate didn’t complain one bit; she was doing this of her own free will, and it felt so good – he wasn’t about to stop her. After five minutes of that, she had brought him back to another aching erection.

She tore open condom packet, and pinching the reservoir tip, she rolled the latex over his hardened manhood. Then, she climbed on top of him, guided his manhood to her womanly entrance, and sat hard astride his waist taking him all the way inside her. Looking down, she gave him a sly look and a loving smile, before slowly moving her hips against him.

Nate couldn’t help but to look up at her, taking in her beauty. As she slowly rode him, he ran his hands up the front of her thighs. For a bit, he was content just to hold onto her hips. When she gradually built up her rhythm, fucking him a little harder, he realized what she had done. The two earlier climaxes had given him a stronger sense of stamina, now. He wasn’t remotely close to climaxing now, he they could share something a little longer and more involved. She was so hot, and he did his best to push up – to meet her every motion of her pelvis with thrusts of his own. Still, he wanted more.

Reaching up, Nate moved his hand up her sides and ribs, pulling her down to him. Roos’ breasts pressed against his chest, and he wrapped his arms around her waist. They kissed hard, not once breaking they rhythm and rapport they had already established. The broke away only to kiss the sides of each other’s neck. As time progressed, they grew more and more harder and insistent with each other. Nate loved how her nipples rubbed against his bare chest. Finally, at one point, he’d had enough. He let instinct instruct him. Rolling her off him, he placed her on his back and climbed between her thighs.

Roos wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his back. Desperately, she clung to him, staring up and into his eyes with a mixture of adoration, affection, and the starved need for something else. Nate thought he must have looked at her the same way. It didn’t matter how hard he fucked her. From slow and leisurely to hard, intense, and frantic, they never broke the eye-to-eye connection they had. She called out his name, encouraged him, and that just fueled Nate’s intense desire for her. Sweat began to bead his brow and his back.

Eventually, it didn’t matter how many times he had climaxed earlier. The sight of her beneath him, the feel of a hot pussy around his cock, and just the intense reality of his actions brought the expected consequence. His virginity had been definitely wiped out, and he it had been much more epic than the drunken escapes of his high school friends. Still, Nate felt insatiable. He pushed himself up on to his hands, and with every muscle fiber within him on fire, he pushed his cock deep into one last time, crying out her name as loud as he could, not caring if all of creation could hear him. He felt the condom fill up quickly, though. He knew he should pull out of her, but he couldn’t. More importantly, he didn’t want to. He wanted stay forever between her legs and in her arms. So, she held him there, told him everything was okay.

When he did roll off of her, they wasted no time getting back into each other’s arms. He didn’t want to ask her, but he knew he had to. “Were you planning on working tonight?”

“No,” she murmured.

“Stay with me?”

“I’d like that.”

They said nothing else at the moment. However, he thought briefly about how he could ever possibly explain himself to his parents, once they returned home from the United States. They both liked Roos, but Nate knew they didn’t know anything about her. Part of him worried what they might think if they ever did discover the truth. As he reflected on all of this, she had fallen asleep. Nate watched the rise and fall of her chest with each slumbering breath. He figured it was best to not worry about it. He too began to drift into sleep, where he had pleasant dreams of her.


Jack didn’t know his new and normally foul-mouthed stepmother, Maureen, had walked in on him and his best friend, at first. They were too busy masturbating in the same bed to notice. Jack and Coos both had their tablet computers out, and they were watching the same clip from a free porn tube site – it depicted a shapely woman between two guys, and the woman gave quite a fierce blowjob while taking a hard cock from behind. They had gotten so engrossed in watching the same clip, that they both had their hands in their pants.

“Ahem.” Maureen coughed rather loudly.

Jack startled, turned to face his stepmother, and a blushing look of shame swept over her his face. Coos, his Dutch neighbor, kept going at it with gusto.

So, Maureen coughed again and louder. When he didn’t stop, she ordered him to. “Coos, honey, can you please knock that off?” She waited for him to pull his hands out of pants before she continued. She stared at her 20-year-old stepson for a long moment. “I came in here to get your laundry. Never did I think I was about to find out that you were gay.”

Jack averted his eyes. “Um. I’m not gay.”

She furrowed her brows at him. “Well, then, bisexual.” She glanced at Coos, who had set his tablet on the night stand and clasped his hands together over his stomach. A big tent in his trouser obviously housed a very large boner. She noticed her stepson also had what promised to be quite an equally large erection. Then, she shifted her stare back to her stepson’s reddened face. “Or, something like that.”

Jack’s face was now completely flush red. “Um. We’re not bi either.”

Maureen crossed her arms and tapped her foot. “Then what do you call what you were just doing? I mean, I see two guys laying in bed together and masturbating. How is that not gay?”

“Because we weren’t touching each other?” Coos tried to smile. “We never do touch each other when we…”

“Shut up, Coos.”

“Yes, Mrs. Henderson.”

Jack buried his face into his hands. “He’s right. We don’t. We just like watching porn together.”

Maureen bit her lower lip. “That sounds awfully gay to me.” She looked at Coos, who didn’t seem bothered by being caught at all. She kind of liked that. “So, what if I told your mother and your girlfriend about this?”

Coos didn’t even look away. “Please don’t do that.”

She looked at Jack, her stepson. “Imagine when I tell you father about this. When he gets back from his temporary redeployment in England?”

A look of terror swept across Jack’s face. “Please don’t. Dad is a homophobic asshole. I mean, he lives up to every fucking cliché there is about the army.” He glanced up, as a single tear rolled from the corner of his eye. “Seriously, I’m not gay.” He turned his head to his Dutch friend, before looking back at his stepmom. “We are not gay.”

An evil smile subtly spread across Maureen’s face. “I’ll tell you what. I need proof.” She toed off her sneakers, dropped her jean shorts, and slid her white cotton panties off. “Here’s the deal. Prove to me you’re not gay. If both of you go down on me and satisfy me, then I’ll know for sure.”

“Maureen!” Jack shouted. “That’s not fair! You’re my stepmom! That’s like gross, or something.”

“Or something? I’ve been married to your dad for all of about three years. I’m not your mother and you know it. Plus, how many times have you reminded me of that fact yourself? If you’re a red-blooded guy, you’ll want to fuck me, okay?”

“But, but…”

“No buts about it Jack. Either you eat my pussy, or I tell your father that you’re gay.”

“But. I. Am. Not. Gay.”

“Says the guy I just caught beating off with his best friend? So, prove it to me!” She walked to a large arm chair in the corner of the bedroom and sat. She spread her legs and pointed down at her moderately hairy mess of pubic hair. “Okay. Which one of you is going first?”

Coos rolled off the bed, and knelt between Maureen’s spread legs. He put his hands on her knees. “Me! Because, Mrs. Henderson, you are quite the – how do you Americans say it? – quite the wolf!”

She laughed. “You mean fox. I am quite the fox. Or, quite a foxy lady.” She caressed his cheek with her knuckles. Then, she moved her fingers to the back his head. “Now, shut up and get to slurping.” She pulled his face hard into her crotch.

Coos got rather into it rather quickly. He parted her labia with his tongue before plunging it in and out of her. Since he wanted to demonstrate that he knew how to pleasure a woman, he moved one hand off her knee and rubbed her clit with his thumb. All the while, he sucked on all sides of Maureen’s pussy before invading her wet vagina with his tongue. He was enthusiastic about it, too, as he violently rubbed his lips, nose, and face between Maureen’s pussy.

Jack was faced with quite a conundrum. Here he was watching his best friend give head to his stepmom. Coos ventured to put his hands into his pants and touch himself.

She slapped the side of his head with one hand. “No. You don’t get to do that.” With the other hand, she tightened her grip on the hair on the back Coos’ head. “Stop it. All you need to do is eat my fucking pussy, okay?” She breathed a bit. “If you are a good boy, I might take care of you later.”

“Yes, Mrs. Henderson.” He loudly said against her cunt.

Jack tried to look away. Only, that didn’t satisfy his stepmom. She leveled her gaze at him. “And you? If you look away, that means you’re gay and I’m telling your father. Okay?”

Truth be told, he couldn’t look away even if he wanted to. Something inside him wouldn’t let him. Jack kept his eyes locked on the back of his best friend’s head. It shook from left to right between his stepmom’s thighs. From time to time, he glanced up to see Maureen’s heated glare locked directly on him. He felt a complex set of emotions. Sure, he knew that his father would never understand that masturbating with another guy in the room wasn’t a gayness indicator. However, there was something else underneath all of that. Before him, his father, and Maureen moved to Maastricht, The Netherlands as part of a military deployment, he always had a secret crush on her. She was only 15 years older than him. Only, social complexities dictated that he could never act on his sexual urges. After all, Maureen was his father’s wife. That made her a very forbidden fruit. Still, he now watched her mash his best friend’s face into her twat. The sight of that turned him on immensely. His cock had grown super hard. Without thinking, he slipped a hand into his pants.

“Stop,” Maureen commanded. “You do not get to do that. You are not allowed any sort of satisfaction until,” she pointed at her hand pulling Coos’ hair, as he forcibly tongued her. “You do what he’s doing.”


“Not negotiable, Jack.”


“Take your hand out of your pants.”


“And watch.”


The sight of Coos eating his stepmother’s pussy was quite a bit of torture. Secretly, he had always been attracted to Maureen, but he didn’t’ want to admit that himself. He didn’t want to fess up that he and his jerk of an old man had the exact same taste in women. Also, he was quite jealous of his friend. Part of him desperately wanted to be between his stepmom’s legs. He wanted to suck her clit, wag his tongue inside her, and prove that he knew how to please a woman like her. Plus, ever since his girlfriend dumped him and moved back to the States for college, he hadn’t had much of any sexual life, recently. If the porn clip he was watching had mildly excited him, the current situation made him feel harder than he ever had in his life. His erection throbbed so hard, it hurt.

His friend made wild slurping and sucking noises. His stepmom’s mouth was sensually ajar, and she started to pant and moan. Still, she never closed her eyes. The whole time Coos ate her, she kept her eyes fiercely locked on her stepson. Jack noticed that she spent half her time looking at the stiff tent in his jeans. Only, she started to climax, the connection remained with their eyes. She quivered at first, and then she started bucking her hips against his best friend’s face.

“Yeah, just like that. Lick me just that.” She gritted her teeth, leaned forward, and let loose a guttural sigh before going limp. Then, she put the flat of her palm against Coos’ forehead and pushed him away. Her gaze at her stepson grew more intense. She beckoned with a wagging finger before pointing down at her wet pussy. “Your turn. Get over here.”

Coos went back to the bed and tried to shove his hand into his pants.

“No, you’re still not allowed to do that.”

“Yes, Mrs. Henderson.”

Jack knew his friend had to feel as tortured as he did. Still, he assumed the position between his Maureen’s legs, and he wasted no time getting started. He began to think of this as a competition. He wanted to outperform his friend. Instead of going straight at her cunt, Jack first swirled his tongue around the rim of her anus. This made his nose slightly poke into her vagina, and she smelled both musky and sweet at the same time. That just amped up his desire for her.

Maureen grabbed him by the back of his head with both hands and pulled his face harder between her legs. “Oh, you’re quite the nasty boy, aren’t you?” The pressure she exerted made Jack’s chin press hard into the cleft of her buttocks. His tongue nearly penetrated her tight little sphincter. “Oh, that’s right, lick my asshole well and clean, you little perv.”

He continued on for a bit, but once Maureen let up a little, Jack moved his face upwards, so that his lips could kiss her sopping wet entrance. He shook his head from side to side just like he had seen his friend do. He also darted his tongue in and out of her. Still, he wanted to go far beyond what his friend did. Jack remembered something his ex-girlfriend had taught him a few months ago. So, he ran his tongue upwards and licked tight circles around his stepmom’s hard clit before locking his lips around it while greedily sucking.

That wasn’t the all of it, either. He worked one of his hands between his face and her pussy. Slowly, he eased two fingers inside her, curled them upwards. This made his fingertips touch her upper vaginal wall, and he was amazed how tightly her inner channel locked around his fingers.

“You know about G-spots?” Maureen breathed. “That’s a good boy.”

He started rubbing the spot while sucking hard on her clit.

“Oh, my!” She panted.

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