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My SEXY Little Cheerleader

A Male Fantasy Erotic Short


Little Dickins

Copyright © 2014 Little Dickins

Published by Maidenhead Publishing

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Part One

The kitchen door to the garage opened and slammed shut. "Daddy-Poo, I'm here."

Oh good, Baby’s here. "I'm in the living room, Baby."

The room brightened when she came through the door in her black cheerleader outfit still holding her black and silver pom poms.

When she posed a coy, sensuous smile, I fidgeted. "How was practice?"

She plopped down in the occasional chair across from me and flicked her wrist. "The usual."

"What do you mean?"

"You know. The other cheerleading girls ignore me or treat me mean."

I frowned. "That's terrible. Why?"

She shrugged and the outline of her nipples showed through her halter. "I guess they're jealous of me."

I studied her. She stood five-feet, five-inches tall and weighed about one-ten. She was blessed with a lean, athletic, shapely figure. Wavy, reddish brown hair, cascaded down her neck, and over her shoulders, framing her gorgeous face. How did I get so lucky? My cock stirred as her seductive, sienna eyed stare gave me impure thoughts. "But why, Baby? You're so good, and pretty? And…God knows you're sexy!"

The corners of her luscious lips curled up. "Thank you. You're sweet. That's exactly why the bitches are jealous—that and because all the cute football players like me.” She shrugged. “It doesn't matter, I just do my thing."

As I digested what she said about football players, she rested back into the chair and lifted her right leg over the arm of the chair, allowing me a peek at what lay beneath. I gasped and my heart lept into my throat at the unobstructed view I had of Baby's sexy, smooth, hairless folds and precious cunt. Did Baby's sweet, pink pussy mouth wink at me? "Oh my God! You're not wearing panties!"

* * * *

I smiled when Daddy-Poo got all flustered as I spread my legs and flashed my twat. "I know."

"You went to cheerleader practice bare-bottomed with all those handstands and summersaults…and cartwheels?"

"Oh Daddy-Poo. Of course I wore panties."

The bulge in his pants began to grow. "If you wore panties, where are they now?"

I ignored his question and pulled my skirt back. "Why are you getting so excited? This isn't the first time you saw my cooch! Don't you like my cunty wunty anymore?"

He fidgeted and narrowed his eyes. "Of course I do. I love it. It's just that… Well…seeing you like that makes me…you know…horny."

I brightened. "Yes, horny!" I spread my legs wider and fingered my clit. "What's wrong with getting worked up?"

He squirmed and covertly adjusted the growing problem in his slacks. "Nothing as long as it's with the right person at the right time. You never answered. What happened to your panties?"

I glanced away. "If I tell you, you might get mad."

Daddy pulled the zipper on his pants down and reached in. "Why, did you do something bad?"

I nodded long and slow, "Ah-huh. You know me. I'm such a bad girl, I can't behave."

I licked my lips when he pulled his rigid cock through his fly and fondled it. "You know you're supposed to tell me all about it when you're bad."

I lifted my halter over my right breast and sighed as my fingertips ran, pleasure circles around my right nipple. "Do I have to?"

By now Daddy-Poo stroked his cock in a steady rhythm. "Ah-huh. I want to hear all about it. And don't leave anything out."

I just love watching Daddy-Poo stroke off on his hardening manhood.

I dipped two fingers into my warm, honey filled well, and flicked my magic button with my thumb, while he stroked his thick, larger than average tallywhacker.

"I'm waiting."

I shrugged. "I would Daddy-Poo but when I do you get mad and make me do bad things to you."

"Like what?"

I frowned. "You know. Last time you took me in your bedroom and made me strip. Then you spanked me."

He frowned. "You asked me to spank you—to punish you for being a bad girl. And afterwards I made you feel good by eating your sweet pussy."

My brow rose and smiling I nodded. "That you did. You gave me three wonderful climaxes. You sure are a good cunny licker."

Daddy-Poo grinned. "Thank you. I love eating pussy."

My smile grew wider. "And I love sucking cock. Especially your cock!"

"I know you do, Baby, and you may yet get to suck my cock. Are you going to tell me what you did?"

"Oh Daddy-Poo, I can't. I was just too bad."

"How bad?"

I furrowed my brow and pursed my lips. "Cock up the ass bad."

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