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My Professor Takes Me to a Sex Resort

A Pleasure Farm Adventure


Reese Cantwell

Copyright 2019 Reese Cantwell

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Author's note: All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

My Professor Takes Me to a Sex Resort

A Pleasure Farm Adventure

Chapter One

You might have read a little about me in an earlier book, Twelve and a Half Inches: Book One: A Life Lived Large, that is about a young man, Greg, just eighteen who is wonderfully endowed with a cock that is over a foot long fully-erect and how the older sister of a friend of his accidentally saw him that way and brought him to a weekend pool party of her college girlfriends, me, included, I was one of the seven who showed him just how marvelous it can be to possess a cock the size and girth of his. Before this, he was had always been ashamed and embarrassed to show it and we quickly taught him otherwise and when he came to college in the fall, we made sure Greg was introduced around in proper fashion. He never dreamed there was so much pussy available to him. But we knew there would be.

And now, a new book, this one mostly about me, I'm Tanya and now a junior in college. I'm African-American, rather dark, more like dark chocolate than milk chocolate. That's me on the cover, yes, I have a waistline like that and they wouldn't allow my booty to show so you're missing one of my best parts. No, it's not big, just beautiful. I'm five foot eight, so I'm fairly tall, and slender just like my mom and grandmom.

Since I'm working toward a professional career, I chose to use a photograph of me from the back so, sadly, you can't see my boobs. They're C-cup, yes, nice and full and firm and have 'puffy nipples.' Maybe you've seen those mostly on white girls, but they also show up on black, Indian and Asian girls. I really don't know if there is some cause for them to be like that but I know mine are just supersensitive and I can even orgasm from them being sucked. And I always get complements on them, people seem to love them as much as I love having them, so I often am bare under my top. Yes, I do love men's (and women's) eyes on me. Can you blame me?

My pussy, oh, I started shaving it as soon as I began growing hair there, I always have loved how I look, especially naked, and just adored the way my little pussy appeared, so pretty and dainty, and I now have had a laser treatment that keeps my little pussy nice and smooth all the time, just the way I want it. My lips there are plump and inviting, and I soon discovered the pleasure my body gave me when I learned how to tease myself down between my legs. I also discovered ice on my nipples gets me really going, especially if there's someone with me with a nice warm mouth to suck them when I'm shivering almost uncontrollably. When I'm really horny I use it on my clit. Oh, I just go crazy.

So, now, let's go back to how one of my college professors ended-up taking me to a nudist sex resort.

I took a class from him, I obviously can't say his real name so for this book I'm calling him Professor Michael Morrison, and he's mostly retired except for the one class he teaches which I was taking. Let me describe him to start: he's a handsome man, tall and slender, seventy years old, trim with a cute mustache and wry wit and a very gentlemanly manner. I loved his class and always got there early to sit up front and, as I've said, I'm not exactly the most modest girl around.

About three weeks in, as the class ended, he looked down at me and asked, "Miss Clark, would you stay a moment?" and I stood up and nodded as the room emptied and he said, "I'm sure you know that you are pretty enough to be quite a distraction, even to an old professor like me, yes?" and I just smiled. "So, perhaps you might be a little less distracting in the future? I certainly appreciate your looks but I do need to concentrate on the lecture at hand, I hope you understand?"

I stood there and smiled, telling him, "I'll try to be less of a distraction in the future, Doctor Morrison, though I did rather enjoy teasing you," I said, obviously flirting, as I put my hand on his arm.

"Well, Miss Clark, even teasing old men can have its consequences."

And I looked up at him, already knowing he was widowed, and said, rather boldly, "I certainly hope so," and took a step closer.

"Well, Miss Clark, I'm finished for the day, and you probably have other classes, so…" he said looking a bit nervous and I decided to go ahead with what was in my mind.

"The rest of my day is free as well, perhaps we could find something to do together, I'm quite open to your suggestions, can we go somewhere and talk about it?" and my hand rubbed his arm further as he smiled.

"I was going home to have tea," he said and then, hesitating first, added, "perhaps you might join me?"

"That would be lovely," I told him already knowing where he lived and suggested that he go ahead and get tea ready and I would walk over to his place after I stopped at the campus book store first and he told me that would be lovely. I knew then that I would be sleeping in his bed that very night.

When I turned the corner and saw his house, I looked around and, the street being empty, cut across and went right up and softly knocked on the door. I could see him through the frosted glass and when he opened it he was smiling.

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