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Alexa stepped quietly into the dim living room following a woman’s distant orgasms and watched with arousing curiosity. She neither knew the woman or the man, but one thing was clear, they were both enjoying themselves. Her oiled, tattooed bubble butt clapped loud against his thighs as she rode his large cock into her gaping asshole, hard. “Ahh.” clap, clap, clap. “yeah.” clap, clap, clap. “ooh.” clap, clap, clap.

Who is she? Alexa thought. And how could she do such a thing with such ease?

The woman’s bounced aggressively, her ass facing him, her legs spread over his thighs. He was amazed at how easy his cock slipped in and out of her, despite how thick his girth was, almost five inches wide. She rode up to the neck and then all the way down to the base, once every second, without hurting despite how sore she already was.

She weighed down on his erection when she lifted her legs, which stretched her anus as far as it’d go, and lay back against him. She lifted her knees so that he put his hands underneath and up to clasp the back of her neck.

He thrust upwards against her, biting his lower lip in furious passion. Her body shape was a feast for his eyes; taut waist, bubble butt, hand-sized breasts, and horse-like stamina. Even more distinctive, no woman could ever have swallowed his monstrous cock up her ass and keep going.

I’m fucking the sexiest bitch on the block, he thought.

Her body shuddered, she whined, saying, “Ooou … fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck …”

Her skin was a polished brass, her body bare and smooth. Her tribal tattoo covered her back from neck to lower back. Low faded at the sides of her head, two inches dark spiky hair at the top, and she had a young taut pussy. The type any man or woman would have loved to slobber the whole night.

If only he could see the look of pain in her face, though it was more a look of pleasure to her standards, he’d be pleased to put in some hard work.

Alexa Brown woke up from the wet dream when she heard the three taps on the front door of her house and her heart fluttered like a speed bag hit once, hard. Alerted of a visitor, the enchantment of seeing her secret love while she was finally alone, she rose from the living room sofa without hesitation. No prying friends listening to every conversation, and awkward sounds coming from her bedroom. She returned an erotica novel to the walnut bookcase next to the flaming fire place and started towards the door.

She loved falling in love, the nourishing idea of it, but never trusted enough to surrender her heart. It was best to contain such sweet surrender within romance novels. But she had to give Derrick a chance, albeit a very slow-developing chance.

The hem of her sleeping gown brushed the hardwood floors as she walked towards the silhouette of a man standing behind the stained glass windows of the front door. A heat warmed her skin with every step. She froze when her hand grasped the door knob and discerned carefully the curves of the man’s silhouette. She knew the curves of his hair, the slight curve of the cheek, the height of the manly shadow. She opened it and the man she was waiting for was there. She pretended like she hadn’t already come to that conclusion, with a surprised look in her eyes, a sudden smile, saying, “Derrick, hi.”

His smile said he was happy to see her, but his eyes said he was nervous. “I was” … he nodded away as he thought … “nowhere near the neighborhood, I swear. Just thought I'd stop by.”

She played along his lies in a sensual tone. “Honest man, I like that.” She stepped aside and Derrick walked in. She was overwhelmed with arousal, at the thought that she’d have the experience he’d only been dreaming of lately. But she couldn’t make her feelings too obvious, just enough to tame the fire. She’d closed the door and turned to his back. “So, um, I had a great time last night.”

He stopped at the edge of the Foyer floor, with an almost defeated posture. His hands in his Kahki slacks, head slanted down, his steps unsure. “Yeah, me too. But I forgot to give you something very important.” He pulled a little square box out of his front pocket. He turned suddenly and held up a light blue box with a white feathery ribbon on it and said, “Happy birthday.”

“But it’s not my birthday until next week.” She reached for the box quickly but he pulled it away.

He taunted with a grin and a shaking of the box. The sound of something metal tapped against the cardboard. “Consider this a preview.” He lowered the box towards and she grabbed it off of him.

She opened it up quickly and pulled out; smiling at the fantasy of receiving a rare vintage ring, or an ornate medallion necklace like the one she’s read about in the novel. Suddenly, with a disappointed drain on her face, she said, “A key?”

His voice was humbly confident, velvety, firm. “To the Queen Elizabeth’s Spa. We leave Friday night after work. Don’t you worry, I got us adjoining rooms.”

Her smile kept a glimmer of amusement, because much of her energy went into the curious disappointment in her eyes. “Adjoining rooms?

“Well, I wouldn’t want to assume something I’m not supposed to be assuming. Although, it has been over a month since we ... then decided to take it slow, but no pressure. I just want to be with you, away, together. Think about it.”

Though she loved him, cared for him deeply, there was something about him that gave her pause. She held out on having more sex to see if he’d still stuck around, courting her. “Okay.”

He leaned over, cupped her left buttock, felt the trace of her curve underneath the soft satin, and kissed her. “Let me know. Bye.”

She relished secretly in the moment when he touched her, though she’d she didn’t show it. She’d drawn the line to abstain since they’d first made love.

She’d closed the door behind him and turned, her face thrilled with excitement. “Happy birthday to me.”


Wong Lin stood outside on the sidewalk as his mother fixed the door mat on the porch before their home. He held a helium birthday balloon. “Give me a break, mum.”

Mrs. Lin turned to him and rose up, un-amused. “There are a lot of hungry spirits out there, Wong.”

“You worry too much, you know that?”

“Better safe than sorry.”

“I'll take the risk.”

“You should have more respect for ghosts, Wong. If your father were here...”

“He'd warn me about all the evil spirits walking the streets in Chinatown, I know, I know.”

Mrs. Lin took a dragon amulet off a hook next to the door. “You should take this for protection.”

He took it and walked up the steps and hooked it back up. “Maybe the ghosts need protection from me.” He kissed her on the cheek on his way down, though her face gave a stern look, only slightly amused by his need to be treated as a man. “I'll be okay, mum. I'm nineteen now.” I can take care of myself, okay.” He handed her his birthday balloon. “I gotta go.”

She followed behind a few steps and then stopped. “Happy Birthday, Wong.”

“Thanks.” He walked off to Chinatown. It was crowded as usual, but a vendor recognized him and greeted him as he walked down the street. He waved with one arm, the other cradled a large box at his side. “How’s it going?” He walked cheerfully in his pressed banker’s suit, turned a corner into an alley. He hadn’t sensed the man that stopped at the corner behind him with the look of mischief.

Only his footsteps were heard in the long empty alley, with empty garbage bins. He’s sensed the man that crept up behind him and turned. When he stopped, a gang suddenly surrounded him. One behind him and three before him.

One of the guy that came out before him said, “Is this the guy?” Another replied, “That's him.” To Wong, he asked, mockingly, “Is today your birthday?”

Wong panted of fear. “Who are you? What do you want?”

Cheng, the guy who’d asked Wong if it was his birthday, pulled out his gun from his waist, pointed it at him and said, “Time to make a wish.”

A bullet broke Wong’s chest and he fell to the ground.

His spirited floated out his body and stood aside. He watched as Cheng kneeled beside Wong's body and placed an obscure ring on his finger. Another guy poured gasoline all over Wong's body.

Wong was flooded with fear when he saw his body on the floor, doused in gasoline. He held out his hand. “What are you doing? Hey, wait. No!

Cheng lit a match and threw it at Wong’s body. He Watched as his body was engulfed in flames, as the guys ran away and vanished throughout the dark corners of the alley.


Sunday morning, back at the Brown residence, in the Kitchen, Amber opened the refrigerator. She’d hoped to find the fermented yogurt she’d prepared the night before. It wasn’t there on the second shelf where she’d left it, or anywhere in sight and shut the door. She sighed, unsurprised. She’d expected that her younger friend, Anna had drunk it. Then, she’d crossed the island and onto a dresser and opened the drawer. She picked up a zip lock of party confetti and some envelopes and moved to the island. She poured confetti into the envelopes and placed Surprise Birthday invitations inside them.

Anna walked in, glowing of joy. “Good morning.” She noticed the envelopes and cards on the Island and the envelope Amber held in her hand. She moved over to the island quickly. “What are you doing? Alexa's coming down. Put that away.”

Amber was slightly irritated. “Anna, you were supposed to send these invitations last week, the party is Friday.”

“We're right on schedule. The restaurant is reserved, the menu selected, the cake has been ordered.”

They hid the invitations back in the same drawer.

Amber moved back to the island. When Anna stood across from her, she said, “That's because I did all those things. At least tell me you've managed to buy Alexa something other than your traditional birthday gift.”

Anna’s face was humorless. “What's my traditional gift?”

Amber sighed. “A card, four days late.”

Anna looked around. “Yeah, well, I decided to break that tradition and start a new one.”

Amber smiled in anticipation. “You bought Alexa a gift? Where'd you get the money to pay for it?”

Anna teased away. “Mm…”

Alexa walked in. “Morning.”

Anna sat on a stool, placed an elbow on the island and followed Alexa with her eyes. “Good morning. Hey, I forgot to ask; how was your date with Derrick?”

Alexa opened the fridge and pulled out an unopened bottle of orange juice. “Great, until he asked me to spend my birthday at a spa with him.” She set down the bottle on the island, her palms over it as she waited for a response.

Anna’s voice was laden with sarcasm. “Oh, I hate when they do that.”

Amber followed, curiously. “For this weekend? You didn’t say yes, did you?”

Alexa had already suspected that Amber had something planned. She knew her friend too well, easy to discern because she revealed her intentions through her curios questions. She wouldn’t have spoiled Amber’s surprise birthday. It was much more entertaining pushing Amber to the edge of ruining the opportunity and all her frantic efforts. “Well, my body did... screamed it actually. But I don’t know, I just have to think about it.”

Anna sincerely forgot they’d been planning a surprise birthday, just as she forgot to mail out the invitations. “A weekend of rest, rubdowns and room service. What’s to think about?”

Amber banged the notepad that was under her hands down on the table once. Anna turned and remembered about the party. “I mean, uh, you could be right. Going away with a guy, is like...”

Amber finished her sentence. “It’s like bringing them home to meet the parents. It changes everything. And if you’re not sure if you’re ready to make a commitment or not, you know…” She scratched the side of her head when she saw Alexa’s suspicious eyes. “you don’t wanna send the wrong signal.”

Anna followed. “Plus, you need a week to prepare for a weekend away. I mean, there’s lingerie shopping, waxing, manicure, pedicure. I mean, it’s basically a full time job and you’ve already got one. So you’ll never be ready, not even if you started packing this second.”

Alexa smiled, finding it all too cute and obvious that they actually expected for Alexa not to read between the lines.

Amber’s left brow curled up, amazed. “Wow.”

Anna continued. “Bottom line, unless you’re ready to put your toothbrush next to his, you shouldn’t go.”

Alexa turned to Amber. “You guys aren’t trying to plan another surprise party for me, are you?”

“No, never.”

Anna added, “No, we’ve given up on trying to surprise you, Alexa.”

“Well, that’s good because you both know how much I hate surprises.” She picked up her bottle and left the room.

Anna leaned over to Anna and whispered harshly. “Damn it, Anna. If you had sent Derrick his invitation we wouldn't be in this mess.”

“Okay, what are you talking about? You heard Alexa, she doesn't want a party. So you should be glad that I flaked, besides, you know as well as I do, she's gonna go away with Derrick. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a present to pay for. Which means I have a job interview.”

Anna left the kitchen. Amber slapped the pen over the back of the notepad when she realized Anna meant she hadn’t bought a gift yet. Then, her tension was softened by what it would be like to stay away at a spa, far away, just her and a man. Then she wondered what kind of man could have challenged her sexual emptiness, filled her softness with manhood, and aroused her to sensual bliss. When she couldn’t have formed an image of a man that could satisfy those demands, she left the kitchen, too.


Thirty minutes later, Anna entered a hotel where she met Clarence, the hotel manager and followed eagerly beside him. She was sure she’d get the job. She had a premonition of it a few days ago. She just needed to get that gut feeling it was the job she wanted, as well as fitting the right dress before applying.

The tall man in black suit had a gentle, yet commanding voice, which echoed amid the chattering in the crowded hotel. “You know why our hotel does psychic readings at the bar, it's kind of a trademark.”

Anna followed him passed the lobby and onto another room. “Well, that's why I'm here. I saw your ad in the Chronicle. I am a natural born psychic.”

Clarence turned at her, un-amused. “Yeah, right. What's your act? Tea leaves, tarot cards, crystal balls, what?”

“No, I can see the future. I mean, I can't always see it, I never actually know when it's gonna work. Usually when I touch someone or I'm in the same general area as them. It's kinda hard to explain.”

Clarence pointed at a woman standing behind Anna. “Next!”

“No.” Anna grabbed his elbow to keep him from walking off. “Wait, Clarence, hold it. I see it. You're having dinner with a blonde woman, she's gorgeous, all over you. Then some red head shows up. You look surprised. Ooh, she looks pissed. Your wife?”

Clarence turned his body around fully at Anna, definitely amused. “When can you start?”


That same morning, over at Highland Towers, Alexa handled a portrait as she talked on the phone with Amber. She’d expected the call, though Amber never called her so early. It was obvious to Alexa what she curious about.

Amber tried to hide her fear behind a giddy voice. “So have you made up your mind about Queen Elizabeth’s?”

Alexa was used to pretending over her friends. “I don't know, I keep thinking it's a bad idea but then I think well what's the big deal? It's not like we haven't already slept together.”

During a brief pause, Alexa could hear the sealing of an envelope, as far as she’d expected, on the other end. She waited for Amber to reply. “I think you should go... on Saturday.”

Alexa’s voice was genuinely at a loss, more concerned about examining the portrait before her. She walked around it and sat on her chair before her desk. “On Saturday, why? Amber, you promised no surprise party”.

“It's not what you think. It's Anna. She bought you a present.”

Alexa pulled down her reading glasses from the top of her head and set it down on her desk. “Anna doesn't give presents, she gives cards three days late.”

“Not this year. Surprise. And she really wants to give it to you on Friday. So could you please just ask Derrick about leaving on Saturday instead? You have no idea what she’d put herself through, she even,” she picked up a newspaper and saw the Psychics Wanted add circled. ”She even got a job and everything.”

Amber was just as surprised as she imagined Alexa was to find out Anna actually kept her word about going to a job interview.”

“Okay, I’ll ask. If I decide to go. So, what kind of job did Anna get?”

Amber knew better than to mention Psychic to Alexa, who would never have considered that an actual job. She’d go on a rant, more like a rampage. “Don’t know. Gotta go. Bye.”

Amber hung up abruptly, glanced once again at the circled ad and wondered whether Anna really attended the interview and hadn’t just circled it to keep playing her friends along. Then she found pleasure in Anna doing something she could actually do, as a witch. Aside from Premonitions, and shopping, Amber hadn’t known Anna to be good at anything deserving of a salary. Now she hoped she wasn’t caught in a lie on Anna’s behalf and whether or not Alexa would stay that coming Friday night. Not at any moment did Amber suspect that Alexa was on to her surprise party plans.


Anna spent the rest of the morning, at the Hotel’s expense, shopping for an elaborate pink genie costume. She’d erected a large cardboard with a large portrait of herself wearing it with the words, The Amazing over her photo and underneath, Anna, Psychic Revelations, The Psychic Lounge.

Beside it was a glass table with a glass empty fish bowl she’d bought from a pet shop, filled with dollar bills she’d borrowed from the hotel where Anna sat telling a woman her future. Her eyed were closed in meditation. “You're in a large room with lots of other people. Lots of other women.”

Anna had caught the woman’s attention. She leaned forward in curiosity. “Go on.”

Anna had three pink gems glued over her right cheek bone. A pink lace came down on the right side of her head from a pink cap laced with golden patterns. “You're standing on a podium, no wait.” She squinted. “you're on a scale.” Anna giggled, revealing her pearly whites when she’d figured out what she’d seen in her vision. “It's a Weight Watchers meeting.” She opened her eyes, her smile vanished and her face gave a deep pitiful concern. “Ooh, honey, it looks like you've gained some weight.”

Woman rose with a brewing temper. “That's impossible. I only cheated once this week.”

“No, no, I'm not judging, I'm just seeing.”

Woman fixed her purse over her shoulder. “You're a fraud, that's what you are. I've never been so insulted in my life. I want my twenty dollars back.”

The woman reached for the jar of money but Anna grabbed the money bowl off the table. Anna raised her voice as she pointed defiantly at the woman. “No way. I saw you, you know I saw you.”

The woman sighed in contempt and walked away.

Anna spoke again at the woman, who’d already moved towards the end of the bar on her way out, with the lounge full of over a dozen guests. “Hey, if you want me to lie next time just say so.”

Amber walked up to Anna. “Anna!”

“Amber!” She set the money bowl back down on the table and giggled. “I am so busted, aren’t I?”

Amber wasn’t amused. “Are you out of your mind, again?”

Anna shook it off, sincerely. “No, I’m The Amazing Anna.”

“This is not funny. Our powers are supposed to be a secret, not a marketable job skill.”

“Relax. They didn’t hire me because they think I’m a witch, they hired me because they think I’m a psychic.”

“Hair splitting. You know you can't use your powers for personal gain, not without consequences.”

“No, but it's for Alexa, it's not for me, it's to pay for her present, it's completely selfless. Besides, this is the last place anyone would expect to find a real psychic, believe me.”

As she’d said this, Wong walked up to Amber and Anna. “Which one of you is the psychic?”

Amber turned to Wong. “She is.

Anna answered modestly, without looking at him. “Oh, I am.

“You can see me? Both of you?”

Amber and Anna frowned at him like he was stupid. Amber sensed the guy standing there was flirting with them. “Of course we can see you, now back off.”

Wong was very pleased. “Oh, thank God. I've tried communicating with every psychic in the city. You were my last chance.”

Clarence came up to them. “Anna, what are you doing? You've got customers waiting.”

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