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The Coach

By Mysti Blair

Copyright 2019 Mysti Blair

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“I couldn’t help overhearing that you broke up with your boyfriend, what was his name, Josh?” Okay, so I’m playing a little dumb, it was the only thing I could think of doing so I had an excuse to talk to her.

Hannah blushed and nodded, her head was tilted down but I could see that she was giving me little looks. She knew that I had heard the entire conversation, and I knew she was a virgin.

“I always thought he was bad news, you’re better off.”

“Oh, I didn’t think you even knew about that, Coach.”

I shrugged. “I can’t help but notice certain things.”

Our eyes locked, and I knew there was a mutual understanding. I had a raging erection now.

“So, who should I go out with next?” she asked as she slowly walked up to my desk.

“Hmmm, maybe someone with experience.”

Hannah nodded. “I agree. Do you have anyone in mind?”

“I might.”

Hannah bit her lip and put her hands on my desk.

“Coach Wilson, would you like it if I sat on your lap and gave you a kiss?”

Here was the line, and here I was, about to cross it.

“Yes, Hannah, I would.”

The Coach

I have to admit, I’ve got it pretty good. I’m a coach for a college cheerleading team. I started off as a gymnast, I even made it to the elite level and won a medal. After that, I was in demand as a coach for male gymnasts. But about five years ago I moved over to college-level competitive cheerleading. Here I have a lot more freedom and a lot less stress.

I’m a single, 40-year-old man and in excellent shape, if I do say so myself. My brown hair is still thick and I don’t have many wrinkles around my green eyes. Although I’m very aware of my age when I’m coaching college students. Do I get turned on looking at all those young, supple female bodies all damn day? Of course I do, but I pride myself on my sterling reputation. There have never been any whispers about Coach Wilson being a perv. But I’ve been tempted many, many times. I’ve seen girls bending over forward so I can see their cleavage. Girls dropping into the splits and bouncing their asses on the floor, looking back at me over their shoulder. One girl even flashed me her ass and pussy. I confronted her, I hated to do it, but I had to, and she said she ‘forgot’ to put her panties on. Yeah, right. So I get more than my share of eye candy.

I’ve been tempted, but never enough to act on it. But now, I feel I am very close, too close.

Her name is Hannah, she’s a flyer. If you’ve ever seen competitive cheerleading, they’re the ones who get flung into the air, hence the name. She is petite, of course, and surprisingly curvy for an athlete. She is also adorable, with big brown eyes and a sweet smile. I know she’s a kinesiology major, and when she can’t compete anymore she wants to be a coach, like me. I’ve known her for three years and at first, I didn’t pay her much attention because she was shy and quiet. Then over time I noticed she was always smiling and upbeat, always eager to help her teammates. I wanted to get to know her better, but as her coach, I couldn’t.

I try to stay out of my athletes’ personal lives unless I think it’s impacting their performance, but I do know Hannah hangs around a lot with a football player, Josh. One time after practice he was waiting for her at the edge of the field. When she saw him she ran to the fence and kissed him through the chain-link. My heart almost stopped when I saw that. Then I told myself how stupid I was for reacting the way I did, like a silly teenager. Hannah has only ever been polite to me, and why would she be interested in someone almost twice her age? All my life I could get any woman I wanted, but now I could only admire from afar. She got under my skin like no other woman ever has. I try my hardest to be objective, but she is my favorite team member, ever. Luckily I don’t think anyone had picked up on my favoritism, yet.


We were practicing this week and once again, Hannah was breathtaking. The tiny brunette with the huge smile effortlessly contorted her body in ways I didn’t even think were possible. She readied herself for the next move. One of her basemen flipped her up onto his shoulder and she balanced on his hand in a handstand. She did the splits in this position, giving me a nice view of her round ass. From here, her partner pushed her up in the air, one-handed, until she flipped over and landed on her feet on his same hand, this is a move known as a Cupie. It’s impressive, but Hannah wobbled and then fell. Her baseman tried to catch her but she slipped through his arms and landed on her ass. Her teammates gathered around her as I made my way to her, worried she may have injured or even broken her tailbone.

“What happened?” I asked her baseman. The boy looked at me, bewildered.

“I don’t know, Coach Wilson, my hands must be sweaty.”

“Everyone, take a break.” I waved them away. Tears were sliding down Hannah’s cheeks.

“Hannah, are you okay?”

She wiped her tears away and tried to sound calm. “I’m fine, Coach, just rattled is all. It’s been a long time since I’ve fallen.”

I sat down on the field next to her and she hugged me around my neck as I wrapped my arms around her. I was comforting her, of course, but an electric current was running through me as we touched, and it felt so right. I felt her body relax and she scootched closer to me. I suddenly realized the team was watching and that the hug had gone on for too long, so I let her go.

“Do you need to take some time or can you finish the practice?”

She held out her hand. I helped her up and she brushed the grass off her uniform. “I can finish Coach, I’m okay.”

“Good girl.” I smiled at her and the practice resumed. At least now I had a reason to watch her closely.


After practice, I was in my office and I could hear Hannah and another flyer, Emma, talking.

“You and Coach seemed pretty cozy today.”

“Oh, stop, he was just consoling me after Aaron dropped me.”

“Coach is such a hard-ass, but you turned him into a giant teddy bear. What’s Josh gonna say about that?”

“Oh, Josh, I don’t care about him.”

“You broke up with him?”


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