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Gender Swapped by the Latex Cat Suit

Transformed from Man to Seductress

Alis Mitsy

This work is copyrighted under the pen name of Alis Mitsy as of 2019.

This story may be published under other pen names belonging to the author.

All acts and characters are works of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is coincidental.

Ashley twisted and turned in the coils of bed, the sheets wrapped around his legs and ankles as he sweated, his long, blonde hair that was due to be trimmed up around his ears clinging damply to the back of his neck and forehead with sweat. How could a dream feel so real that he was breathing heavily, legs trying to move in the joy of running? Although his dream was far, far from anything that he could have ever dealt with in the realm of the waking world, the lewd and the lucid coming together in a single beautiful symphony.

In his dream, he blinked and moaned, skin tingling as if he was being caressed by a wind with a thousand groping, teasing hands – all under his command. He could not have said where he was or even what he was in a world where there was no meaning or sense of it either, turning and turning on the spot in a room flashing between black and white, each one, shockingly, as bright as the other. His chest heaved, curled with little, blonde hairs, and his nude body gleamed as he was put on show, although it still was not quite the gleam and glisten of what he so very much longed to be.

Yet that was the beauty of dreams in that they could bring something ethereal to a world where everything otherwise seemed all too boring and ordinary. Laughing as if with a release of tension – that, however, was still yet to come – he flung his arms out recklessly on either side of his body, chest rippling with a respectable amount of muscle, although no one would have been so callous or forward as to say that he was bulked up at all. No, he had an appealing figure, at least to others, but there was something more to his figure that was missing… Something altogether a little more…well…


And if he was missing that, why should he not have it? The blackness fell away as if from a white backdrop, pooling into a dark puddle that shimmered and rippled as if with a life of its own, a single tendril of jet black goo rising from the surface like a tentacle. But it was not a tentacle of any sort that he may or may not have had to worry about worming its lustful way into any hole of his but an otherworldly force that lifted and formed itself into a cat suit, dangling so innocently before him as if on a hanging. The trailing tendrils of goo pulled themselves up into a truly luxurious and lustful form, complete with the breasts of a full-figured lady, and he moaned, hand outstretched just for the lightest, briefest feel of the latex that had his cock already so hard and throbbing.

His shaft pulsed, the tip beading with pre-cum and he caught his breath as the suit melted into a shapeless glob again, closing the distance between it and his finger and slipping sensually up his arm. But it wasn’t simply covering him from head to toe, rapidly shimmying its way over his body as if it too was afraid that the moment would be lost if it did not cling to it once it was present, but becoming part of his skin too, melting into him as if it had always been meant to be there. His vision briefly was obscured by black before his second eyelids opened in the suit, a pair of cat ears perking up from his skull, although they were merely a feature of the suit and, sadly, not part of his nervous system and under his muscular control. That was a shame… But the suit, this time, left his cock hard and throbbing, a latex spire that demanded attention jutting out from his crotch as if it was actively striving to put itself on display, splattering pre-cum viscously to the white floor where it disappeared instantly, sucked away by whatever force it was that had controlled and dominated his dreams of becoming a latex cat suit fiend for so very many wanton, horny years.

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