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Here Cums The Bride

And Other Wedding Stories

Caroline Parker

Author's note: All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

Chapter - The Wedding Party

I have been planning my sister's wedding for a few months now. The time came to send out invitations and write the ceremony with the officiant, so we made a weekend out of it. The bride, groom, myself (maid of honor), the bridesmaid Anna, and officiant/best man Robert. When the invitations were cut out, glued, stuffed into envelopes and finally finished, the real party began. We made a liquor run and brought home rum and soda and various flavored vodkas and started to drink and laugh and talk well into the night. Before we knew it we were ordering pizza and showing off our bridal attire to the best man (a cross dresser who enjoys dresses immensely).

While I was in the bathroom helping the bride, Robert and Anna were making out, hands on each other's faces and tongues peeking through open mouths only stopping as the bride and I re-entered the room, hoping they wouldn't get caught. The night progressed and I noticed them stealing kisses when they thought no one was looking. After about 45 minutes of them sneaking these small make out sessions, finally the pizza arrived and after we ate they dropped all pretenses and openly kissed each other in the living room, receiving laughter and woops, only pausing to make a joke to inviting others to join the fun and jokes from the best man that he was going to sleep with both of the bridesmaids after the wedding.

Anna excused to herself to the bathroom, and myself, being curious about what was going on between them (they had had a fling earlier last year that ended a few months back) followed her for some innocent girl talk. I waited for her to emerge from the bathroom and I pulled her aside in the bedroom under the pretense of needing to discuss bachelorette party plans. I asked her what the situation was,

"Oh, we are just fooling around. We are better friends and fuck buddies than a couple." "Yeah I could see that" I said. "You really should join us." she said with a small smile. "Anna!" I said "Since when are you into women?" "Well men are annoying so I may as well give women a shot, plus, I never said I wasn't into girls." She scooted nearer to me on the bed and caressed my hand. I looked into her eyes and we kissed each other. She then pulled away quickly and walked out into the living room. I sat there a moment and then re-joined the group.

A few more hours, a few more shots, a few cuddles and butt grabs in jest later, it was 5 am and we all needed to get to sleep. Myself, Anna and Robert made a large bed on the super sized couch and settled in while the bride and groom away-ed to their room bidding us goodnight. The three of us lay there, hips touching, trying to get comfortable as our conversation slowly died down and fizzled out.

A couple moments of silence passed as sexual tension began to mount between Robert and Anna, who were slowly caressing each other's arms and chests through the covers we all shared. They moved slightly to switch positions moving the covers off of us and giggling. I reached over and helped them rearrange their coverings,

"Here let me help you guys" I said with a laugh. "Would you like to join us Ivy?" Robert asked as Anna reached over and caressed my arm.

I thought for a moment and intertwined my fingers with hers nodding yes and we all re-positioned ourselves. Robert took my face in his hands and kissed me softly, parting my lips with his tongue. He tasted of alcohol and Skittles, sweet and tangy on my tongue. I allowed myself to melt into his embrace and caressed Anna with my free hand softly on her shoulder with my finger nails. She leaned over and started to softly bite and kiss my neck and took one of my breasts in her hand massaging it and slowly pinching and twisting my hardened nipple.

Robert stopped kissing me and kissed her, his tongue parting her lips just as he had mine. I let my fingers drift downward towards the rise in his jeans, stroking and rubbing his hard cock. He reached in my blouse and lifted out my left breast, leaned down and began to nibble and suck on my hard nipple. Anna was rubbing his hard member with me and there were soft moans coming from her lips as Roberts hand slipped under her pajama bottoms and began to rub her moistened pussy. I moaned from the pleasure of his lips and tongue caressing my nipples. His lips were soft and his tongue forceful and determined. He leaned up and kissed me again and before I could take a breath as he pulled away to remove his pants Anna was kissing me her soft mouth on mine and her tongue searching my mouth. Robert returned to us and we both reached and took his exposed member in our hands her handling the shaft and myself taking the balls gently in my palm. Very slowly she and I began kissing him moving from his lips to his neck down over his chest both finally arriving at the throbbing member he had bestowed upon us.

Kissing each other and smiling, knowing what the other was thinking, We took the cock into our mouths, our tongues flicking across the tip and up and down the shaft, I sucked on the balls as she took his cock into her mouth winning us a heavy moan of pleasure as he reached his hand under my skirt to my dripping pussy. He massaged my mound and flicked my clit, causing me to moan, the vibrations from my lips tingling up his body. Anna and I swapped places and I took his cock deep into my throat. I felt Robert's fingers glide into me and he began thrusting his hands in and out of me as I took his cock deeper in my mouth.

I felt another set of hands on my clit, Anna having moved her attentions to me. This must have been too beautiful a sight for Robert as he suddenly grabbed my head and shot himself down my throat. He was warm and salty and slightly sweet on my tongue. I cleaned his member with my tongue and then kissed Anna deeply, letting her taste our reward.

The three of us giggled as Robert sank back into his pillow pulling us up on either side of him and wrapping his arms around us. Anna and I didn't cum during the evening, I expect we were both too tired from our long day to work on each other. The three of us caressed and cuddled and kissed, falling asleep wrapped up in each other's arms.

Chapter - Bride Fucks Two Strangers Men

It was a beautiful setting for a wedding. The young bride, Marie, and her husband had chosen to have a small ceremony, set on the beach, with just their closest friends and relatives in attendance. Everyone was in the festive mood that comes with a wedding. The husband could hardly take his eyes off his lovely wife.

The ceremony was short, the guests gathered on a secluded spot on the beach near the hotel where the bride and groom where staying. Pictures were taken, vows were made, everyone celebrated. Having a wedding on a public beach is obviously going to attract some attention from the other beachgoer and there was a small audience of strangers watching and a few taking pictures as well.

After all the obligatory pictures were taken the wedding party and guests proceeded to the hotel’s restaurant for dinner. Everyone stayed in the same clothes they wore at the ceremony. Marie knew this was the one time she would ever get to wear her dress and she was intent on getting the most out of it. Her husband loved the way she looked in it. It was a strapless dress. It fit her form flawlessly, accenting her tits, fitting tightly across her hips and ass before flowing out around her legs.

The bride Marie was often very hard on herself regarding her looks. Like many women she tended to find all the small flaws and imagined faults of her body. If one was to know her sexual history it would be clear by the many men she had been with up till now that they found something very appealing about her. Many men found that she was the kind of girl that needed proof that she was good looking, and what better proof than sleeping with a man. Of course the men knew, what better way to get laid than to find the insecure girl at the bar and get her to go home with you. With Marie, once she had been drinking, these effects got stronger and she was often eager to have her insecurities fucked out of her, at least for a night.

Dinner was going well, copious amounts of alcohol were being drunk by the guests, as well as the bride and groom.

A wedding partly in full dress at a restaurant is hard to miss, and the bride and groom would occasionally get random congratulations from another parton. When the husband got up to go to the bathroom, he was stopped by a couple of men.

Hey, did you just get married?” “Yeah.” the husband replied. “Well, congratulations man, she’s a hot one” the first man laughed “looking forward to the wedding night?” “Yeah.” the husband said awkwardly. “I would, she looks like shes a lot of fun in the sack.” “Fuck yeah, I would tap that” the second man joked.

Glad I’m the one that gets to take her home tonight.” the husband said, hoping that the men would get the point that he wasn’t up for talking about his wife’s fuckability. The men laughed, exchanged glances and finished their business in the restroom and went on their way. The husband did the same, rejoining the rest of the party quickly.

Hey babe, you are attracting some attention.” he said to his wife. She blushed, “what do you mean?” “Those guys were talking about how hot you looked in your dress.” He gestured to them. “I agree, you look great.” She smiled and gave him a kiss. “Will you excuse me? I want to go have a cigarette and I have to go to the bathroom.”

The husband watched his wife as she walked through the bar of the restaurant toward the bathroom, as she got closer he lost sight of her behind the crowd that was gathered around the bar. What he didn’t see was the light brush of her hand that Marie gave the first man as she passed by him on her way towards the restroom, or the glance that she gave the other man as he watched her go past. These men were no different than the other men from other bars in her past. They knew exactly what that look in a woman meant, though a newlywed bride was a new conquest. A slight smile spread across their faces as the two friends started to formulate a plan.

Marie found her way into the restroom, stumbled into a stall, then awkwardly worked the bottom half of her dress above her legs and squatted over the toilet. Knowing how her husband was anticipating the wedding night, she had worn a bridal themed thong underwear, as well as thigh high nylons held in place with a garter belt, leg garter, and high heels. She finished her business and stopped to wash her hands before leaving the restroom.

She looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing the wedding dress of her dreams. She had spent days looking at dresses online and in catalogues, going around and around as to which style she thought she wanted. Finally she went to the bridal store and knew, the moment she saw it, that the dress she now was wearing was ‘the one’. For all the beauty she saw in the dress, all she seemed able to focus on was the flaws she perceived the dress was revealing. Where the men in the bar saw a top that revealed just enough of the shape of her breasts above the neckline, just begging any man to want to see whats underneath, she saw small, unsatisfactory breasts that she was sure men thought were too small. Where she saw lack of curves as the dress continued down towards her hips, any man saw hips curving out and an ass that was hard to resist putting their hands on.

Her mind turned to the men at the bar and she was surprised to find herself getting flushed thinking about them. They were attractive men, surely they must have beautiful girlfriends, the opposite of her, but she had seen the way they looked at her, She knew that look. She had seen it in her husband when they kissed on their first date. She had seen it in her stepbrother when they wrestled around in high school. The thoughts racing through her mind were hard to keep track of, she had already drunk more than her fair share of alcohol. It was time for that cigarette and some fresh air to get herself calmed down.

The new bride Marie headed out to the restaurant's patio to smoke, the eyes of the bar patrons, especially the men, following her as she passed through the room. She got outside and lit up. “hello” she heard. She turned around, there were the two men from the bar.

Hi” she said nervously. “Hello,” said the first man “congratulations, your husband is a very lucky man.” “Thank you.” she said. The man continued “Your dress is lovely, and you look beautiful.” Marie blushed shyly.

Well the dress is beautiful” she said “anyone would look good in it.” “Well, the dress is nice, but you… you look beautiful, that dress looks so good because of who is wearing it. My name’s Carl, by the way, this is my friend Kyle.” The other man nodded in her direction. “Hello” the bride blushed, feeling more flushed than when she came outside.

Inside the restaurant the husband was enjoying the party, he was drinking his beer and joking with his friends about the stupid things they had done together in high school. He was so happy. He could remember the first time he had met the girl that had just become his wife and the attraction was immediate. When he saw her at the ceremony that day he had felt that feeling all over again. She looked ravishing in that dress, everyone in the wedding party had commented to him that same thought. Heck, even those guy who had been in the restroom earlier had noticed. As he saw the men from the restroom earlier leaving, he felt a sense of pride, knowing those men were probably envious that he was the one who got to go home with her that night. He would be the one tasting her lovely pussy. He could hardly wait until they were back in their room and he could run his hands up her legs, taking his time, feeling her respond to his touch, to make her wet. As his thoughts turned toward the activities of later that evening he spotted her coming back to the table.

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