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Hotwife Karina: Shared

Written by Thomas Roberts

Artwork by Moira Nelligar

Copyright © 2019 - All Rights Reserved

THIS IS AN EROTIC WORK OF FICTION. Any resemblance to persons living or deal is accidental and damned amazing. THIS WORK IS NOT MEANT FOR ANY PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 18.

The hotwife genre appeals to me. These are the books I like to read and these are the stories I like to tell, so thank you to the people who read my books.

Be warned, there is sex in this book, lots of it. If that offends you, please don’t read any further. But if you are looking for a fun, dirty read. This is it.

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“You know we can’t, Michael,” Karina said. I was trying to cuddle behind my wife in bed, my erection poking her in the ass through her cotton panties. “I have to get ready for Marshall to take me on his business trip to Paris, and anyway, you’ve been cut off.”

I’d agreed to share my wife with my boss, occasionally. But Marshall didn’t share well, and now, Karina was not to have sex with me. She could have refused him, but I don’t think Karina had ever enjoyed our increasingly rare intimacies under the sheets as much as I had.

For whatever reason, being cut off helped me appreciate my wife’s blonde Icelandic beauty more than ever before. Maybe it was because I could only look at her now—look but not touch. Karina had discovered how much I enjoyed watching—the more I hurt emotionally, the more my pleasure increased. It was a long story.

Her relationship with Marshall began just as we were exploring our new hotwife fantasy. Marshall was president of a firm he'd started in his spare bedroom and my boss. He was a tall, imposing man about fifteen years our senior. The most imposing thing about him might have been the size of his cock and his ability to give Karina seemingly endless pleasure.

I’d agreed to share my wife with him when he offered me a job—I know I’d done it—but we weren’t really sharing any longer. I was deeply afraid Karina enjoyed her time with him too much to return to our humdrum lives.

“How long will you be gone?” I asked as she packed skimpy lingerie I’d never seen before.

“I need to bring an extra bag. We’ll be shopping in Paris,” she answered. “Can you believe I’m going to Paris? We’re flying there first-class, and the seats make into beds. With some privacy.”

Karina’s face was lit up. She planned to fuck my boss over the Atlantic. She was so excited, she was bouncing. Despite my jealousy and pain, I was excited for her. I only wished I could watch.

“He’s treating you well,” I said.

“It’s been wonderful, amazing, and I have you to thank for it. You and Leon I guess.” She gave a little laugh after mentioning Leon’s name. He’d been the first man to talk her out of her panties in front of me.

“When do you think Marshall will let us sleep together again?”

Karina’s face grew dark, and she looked back to her luggage. “I don’t know,” my wife mumbled. Under her breath, she said, “I’m not sure he will.”

My chest tightened in fear. All I could do was stare at her and try to remember to breathe. I turned away and left the room. I didn’t want her to see how much I was hurting.

Later, I set our largest empty suitcase next to the small bag Karina had already filled. Most of her clothing was at Marshall’s mansion. “Do you know how long you’ll be gone?” In some ways it didn’t matter, she probably wouldn’t be coming back to this house much, anyway.

“I don’t know, awhile. You’ll have fun. Go out with the guys from work, maybe take that woman from accounting to a movie.”

“Sharon? Do you mean Sharon in accounting? Why would I take her to a movie?” A mental picture of Sharon showing up every time I’d gone out for drinks after work with the guys flashed through my head.

“So you won’t be alone. She seems nice.” Karina wasn’t paying attention to me. She busied herself and talked at the same time.

“Sharon is nice, but I’m not taking her to a movie.”

“Maybe out to eat. Look, Michael, I don’t want you just staying here, having fantasies about me and beating off. I’ll be fine. Stay busy.” She actually pinched my cheek like a maiden aunt.

“Why can’t we make love before you go like a married couple?” I tried not to sound like I was whining.

“You’re whining. You know the deal.” Karina finally looked at me. “Marshall has been good to us and more than fair. Now, go call Sharon or something. I’m busy. I’ll see you when I get back.”

I sat out by our pool, a beer in my hand, and thought. Marshall had been very good to me. He paid me well enough, maybe more than I could have made anywhere else. He arranged special privileges for me other employees didn’t get.

In return, he fucked my wife. That had been the arrangement originally, but the arrangement had changed. I was still paid well and received privileges, but he didn’t just fuck my wife. She spent much more time with him than with me, and when she was with me, they were sending messages to each other.

Chapter 1

We had been friends in college, members of the same fraternity. When Tyrone sent me a message to let me know they’d be in town, I insisted we get together. It would be an interesting reunion. I hadn’t seen them in five years and my wife, Karina, had only heard me talk about them.

“Some of my old friends from college are coming in,” I told Karina. “I’d like you to meet them.”

My wife had a wonderful, warm, outgoing personality when she got to know somebody. When first meeting someone, her icy blonde appearance combined with her innate shyness made it difficult for people to get close to her. I also thought the reason some people found it hard to approach her could be attributed to her world-class beauty.

Her heritage was Icelandic, her hair a light blonde. and her eyes a vivid penetrating blue. Those eyes seemed to look right through a person. In addition to her beauty, she was slim and round in just the right places. Karina was an intimidating package to both men and women.

I’d been a weightlifter since high school, and it showed. I was proud of my body, but I didn’t think of myself as handsome. We looked good together even if our sex life was not what I’d hoped.

I thought we were good in bed, Karina certainly enjoyed sex. She’d been raised in an open Scandinavian family where sex and nudity were considered normal. We had a great time together, and Karina enjoyed what we did, I just wasn’t very good at satisfying her. I disappointed her almost every time. I shouldn’t have been surprised by all that happened later.

Karina was nuts about sports, all kinds of sports. She’d watch anything. I came home one day and found her watching Cricket.

“Do you know anything about Cricket?” I asked.

“Not a thing,” she’d answered, her eyes on the television.

At the time, I was working for a start-up company, which meant long days and weekends. There was no way to avoid it, a new company required putting in the time.

When the job had been offered, Karina said she didn’t mind the long hours I’d be away and the responsibilities that would be hers alone. We’d talked about the requirements of the position for days before I accepted. We were gambling our time together now and a chance the company would fail against gaining valuable experience and an even greater income in the future. We decided to take the gamble.

The job, unfortunately, affected our lives even when we were together. Mentally if not physically, I was always at work. When I wasn’t in the office, my cell and laptop were seemingly a part of me. Messages and phone calls regularly interrupted our private time, and I always had work requiring my attention.

Working so much, combined with the unrelenting pressure, was affecting me in other ways. I’d fall asleep from exhaustion when we were in bed together. I knew Karina was frustrated with me, and I didn’t blame her. Even when we made love, it wasn’t very good for her. I didn’t know what I needed to do to be a better lover. It embarrassed me, and that just made things worse.

It had been an unusually light day, so I arrived home early.

“When will your friends be in town?” Karina asked.

“In two weeks, they’ll come in on Friday and leave Sunday morning.”

“We should at least invite them over for dinner Saturday night,” Karina said. “How many are there?”

“Three, Tyrone and his wife Judith, and Leon.”

“Interesting. Are they all African-American?” Karina was curious.

“No, not Judith. Tyrone and Leon played on the varsity football team and were members of my fraternity. I was actually pretty tight with Tyrone.”

“Is dinner enough? Maybe we should spend some time with them while they’re here,” she suggested.

“I can’t, Karina. I just can’t afford the time away.” I was distracted by my wife tugging my underwear down my legs as she slid to the floor.

“Hello,” she said to my semi-hard cock. “It’s nice to see you. Would you like to play?” I grew harder in her hand.

“I think he’s interested,” I said. “Let’s get on the bed and find out.”

My wife’s pussy was sopping with excitement. It could have been the promise of sex or playing with my growing erection. It wasn’t unusual for Karina to take the lead, but it was unusual for her to take the lead while we were in the kitchen. My wife is usually far too modest to do something like this. I wondered what had happened?

Karina was eager and ready for me. Unfortunately, I was too excited. “I’m sorry,” I told her.

“Now that we have that first one out of the way, let’s have dinner and try again,” my wife said, sitting on top of me. She’d been moving her hips, trying to gain friction against me. We didn’t try again later—I was asleep.

Work had been a greater distraction than usual. There had been several closed-door meetings involving senior management, often with outside board directors. Closed doors were rare in our open-air start-up company, and even the promise of sex with my wife hadn’t been enough to take my mind off what was happening.

“I’m worried about work,” I told Karina. “We’ve never had enough money to do the big data thing they want us to do.”

“You worry too much, and you’re always working,” Karina said. “I want you to invite your friends over to eat Saturday night. It’ll be good for you. You can turn your phone off and just have a good time.”

I put up all the usual objections, but Karina just waved them off. This wasn’t like her, she didn’t feel comfortable meeting new people, and now she’d be meeting people I knew well.

“Tell me about them.” We were in bed together at the time, Karina’s naked body pressed against me, my arm around her shoulder.

“First, I have to tell you a little story. Our fraternity was on probation for a time. In fact, there was even police involvement. It was a major scandal. For a while, it looked like some of my frat brothers would be arrested.”

“What happened?” Karina was paying close attention. Besides sports and sex, my wife loved a good scandal best of all. The three “S’s”—sex, sports, and scandal.

“We had some wild guys when I first pledged,” I began. “They threw some incredible parties almost every weekend. There would be kegs of beer, liquor, loud music, and so many people, the house couldn’t hold them all. We’d spill out into the yard.”

“What about the neighbors?” she asked.

“The neighbors were all fraternities and sororities,” I answered. “Their members were at the parties. The police were called so many times, we knew their names. We even knew the names of their wives and their children. ‘Hey, Officer Bob. How’s little Billy? Is he over the flu?’”

“You didn’t.”

“We did, it was a sad thing.” I tried to look sad, but the memories of those days caused me to smile.

“So, what happened to put you on probation?”

“A girl claimed she was gangbanged at a party,” I said.

“What? Jesus, Michael. What happened?” Karina was sitting up, staring at me, naked at the time. We were going to make love, so my attention was diverted.

“Stop looking at my tits, you pervert, and tell me what happened.”

“I’m not a pervert,” I said emphatically. “I’m a deviant. There’s a difference.”

“Stop ogling me you deviant and tell me what happened.” I gave her a mock sour look and continued my story.

“What happened was, she was gangbanged.”

“Shit. Michael!”

“To be fair, she wanted it to happen. It was only later someone else decided it wasn’t good for her image.”

“Are you making this up? What woman wants to be god, gangbanged?” Karina was having a hard time believing me.

“She did. She hadn’t been the first to get drunk, start making out with one of the guys, then been happy to make out with more than one at the same time until she was naked.”

“How did they do it? I mean, what happened?” Karina stopped herself and took a deep breath. “What were the mechanics?”

“In her case, one guy would be in her pussy while she blew another guy.”

“Umm… did you you know participate?”

“I may, or may not, have watched,” I answered. Karina was almost quivering with delight.

“Tell me everything.” She looked eager.

“Only if I can ogle your body.”

“Okay, you can look as much as you want, but only I can touch.” Karina adjusted how she was sitting so I could see the light blonde fuzz on her pussy. “How’s that?”

“You look perfect,” I told her. “It started just like I told you. She was young, only a sophomore. She shouldn’t have even been there, but we didn’t check IDs,” I began. “She was pretty, she might have been a prom queen at some little high school a few years earlier. Now, she was in a bedroom with the door open, in a heavy make-out session with one of the black football players.”

“She was with a black guy?” Karina sounded scandalized, but she was using her right hand to rub her thigh near her pussy. I’m not sure she realized what she was doing.

“Not just a black guy,” I said. “But a big black guy. The guy started for the varsity, so he was big. Also, I’d seen him in the shower, and he was big in other ways, too.”

“He had a big cock?” Karina whispered. Her index finger was resting on her damp clitoris, making small circles.

“I was just a pledge then, but I knew the rules. If one of the football players was in a bedroom with a girl and the door was open, it was an invitation to the other players.”

“What if the girl didn’t want all those guys?” Karina was slowly massaging her pussy. Seeing her touch herself was a first for me. My imagination was fired up, I wanted to see my wife masturbate.

“If she made a fuss, they’d leave and close the door. There were plenty of women at those parties, and a lot of the players didn’t like you knowdoing it with other guys in the room,” I told her. “But this girl wasn’t shy.”

“Where you there? Did you see it? What was it like? Did youfuck her?” Karina was hanging on my every word.

“I was in the room, but I wasn’t a football player, I was just a pledge,” I began. “The girl had been drinking, but I’m pretty sure she knew what was happening. When the other guys came into the room, she even started taking off her clothes like she knew what was going to happen, and she was getting ready.”

“She stripped for them? How far did she go?” I was surprised by my wife’s interest. She was completely engrossed in the story, her finger making wet sounds as she caressed her own pussy. I’d never seen her this hot from just talking.

“She took everything off, her blouse, her bra, her jeans, and panties. When she was completely naked, she got on her hands and knees and started blowing the guy she’d been making out with.”

“She was kneeling on the bed, naked? With all those black guys standing around?” Karina got on her hands and knees her mouth inches from my erection. “Was she like this? Could they see her pussy?”

“Yes, and remember, there was only one white guy in the room. I was standing against the closet door, just like I’d been ordered to. Her face was pointed toward me so I couldn’t see her pussy, but I could tell when the first guy started fucking her.”

How… could you tell?” Karina licked my erection and played with her own clitoris at the same time.

“She’d been blowing the first guy, and when she felt the guy behind her push inside, she looked up and groaned… real loud, then she put her head back down and sucked the first guy harder. Until she couldn’t suck anymore.”

Karina took my cock out of her mouth. “Why couldn’t she? You know suck?”

“Because they were fucking her too fast and too hard. They were so bigtheir cocks were so big. She couldn’t keep her mouth on the guy's dick,” I explained.

You could see it?” Karina had straddled my lap and was working my hard-on inside her wet pussy.

“Only her head.” Sensations radiated from my cock to my brain, stopping rational thought. My wife’s hot, wet pussy was fantastic. She was into the story, her breathing fast and shallow, her eyes closed tightly.

What happened? What was it like?” Karina gasped.

“She grunted every time a new cock started fucking her.”

Oh… Michael many guys?”

“A lot… maybe seven or eight guys. I watched her boobs bounce as they pounded her. After a while, she was on her back, and they kept going,” Karina was riding me fast and hard, her pussy making wet noises as she rubbed her clit while I fucked her.

All those… guys did they god finish inside ?”

“Yes, they all came inside her pussy. She begged them to come inside her. I think she came with each of them. Their cocks were so big, they must have been really deep,” I said, running out of breath.

Deep… oh, Michael do itcum inside.” My wife froze against me, her face and chest bright red. I exploded as deeply inside her as I could reach.

Karina continued rubbing herself until she finally laid on my chest, my cock slowly softening inside her pussy. “Then what happened?”

“I was a pledge, so I was ordered to get a wet washcloth and clean her.”

“You didn’t!” Karina pushed herself up enough to look at me. “Tell me you did not clean that girl’s pussy. Did the whole thing turn you on?”

“I did clean her. At least I cleaned her until she took the washcloth from me and finished the job herself. And, yes it turned me on. I didn’t think I’d like watching, but I did.”

“I can’t believe you cleaned a woman’s pussy,” Karina said into my neck.

“Hey, I’d do the same for you.” I was trying to be funny.

“You know I would never do something like that,” Karina said. “I’m serious. I’d never put myself in a situation like she did.”

My wife and I cuddled for a while. “What happened to her?”

“There was a whole big deal. Somebody reported what had happened. Probably one of the other women at the party. There was an investigation that wouldn’t die down even after she testified it was her idea. She didn’t want anyone charged.”

“Did you have to testify?” Karina asked.

“No, it ended before.”

“How did it end?”

“She married the guy with the most to lose,” I said.

“No shit?”

“They’re still married,” I said.

“Wow. I guess she showed them.” Karina’s soft body was pressed against mine. I’d be awake for a long time, remembering that gangbang.

“The reason I’m telling you this because the woman was Judith and the man she married was Tyrone.”

Karina looked at me with surprised shock. “They’re still together?”

“From everything I’ve heard, they’re doing great.”

“What’s the story with Leon?” she asked.

“Almost all the football players had one goal in mind for themselves,” I said. “They wanted to be drafted by the pros.

“Tyrone was drafted late. He made it as far as the practice squad before his career ended. Leon was able to sign with a team undrafted and played a couple of games on special squads before he was done.”

Karina was impressed.

Chapter 2

Judith loved the idea of having dinner with us Saturday night. It was easy to like Judith. The pretty brunette had a warm, bubbly personality that drew people to her and made them comfortable.

In a moment of inspiration, I invited them to stay with us for the weekend. “You can use the guest bedroom, and Leon can crash on the couch. You’ll save the cost of motel rooms.”

My plan ran into some headwind with Karina, but by then, Judith had already accepted my invitation. Karina wasn’t opposed to them staying with us, she just didn’t know them yet.

I had become obsessed with the idea of watching Karina masturbate. I’d seen her touch herself when I told her about the gangbang, and I wanted to see more.

“I’d love it if you masturbated for me.” We were lying in bed, the day after I told her about Judith and Tyrone.

“Not a single chance in hell. Besides, I don’t masturbate, I never have,” she said.

“Liar, liar, pants on fire. Everybody masturbates. Everyone also has fantasies.”

“Not me, Naha.”

“Naha?” I was crawling between her legs. Karina liked it when I went down on her. I thought I was pretty good. I just didn’t get the reaction from her I’d heard women had to oral sex.

“Don’t start unless you plan on finishing,” Karina said, stroking my hair.

“If you masturbate for me, I’ll go down on you for… five minutes.” I licked the area where her clitoris should be, pressing my erection against her.

“Ten minutes and you have to jack off for me at the same time. I’ve never seen a man do that.”

“Can I come on your tits?” I asked.

“No… Yuck.” The deal was almost done right there. I quickly agreed to her terms.

“I have a confession to make.” Karina held her hands over her face. “I lied to you, I have a tiny vibrator.” She peeked at me from between her fingers. “I use it to massage my muscles when I get sore.” My wife was a good girl with naughty thoughts.

“Do you have a ‘sore muscle’ now?” I asked, caressing the pale soft skin of her thigh.

“Yes. It’s very sore, and I think I’ll need to massage it for a very long time.” My cock throbbed.

“You better get it and show me how you massage a ‘sore muscle.’”

Karina hopped out of bed and dug to the bottom of her panty drawer, a part of our apartment I’d never visited. She pulled out an old fashion plastic dildo-shaped vibrator that turned on by twisting the base.

“That looks very good for a ‘sore muscle.’” I made a mental note to find her something newer.

Karina propped herself up on our pillows and held the dildo against her thigh. “You start first,” she giggled.

I began stroking myself slowly. I was so turned on, I was afraid I’d cum too soon. “I like to talk while I do this, it excites me.” I didn’t like to talk, but it would be exciting to listen to Karina.

“When I jack-off, I like to think about my naughty wife,” I said, stroking my cock. “I like to think about how beautiful she is when I’m fucking her.”

Karina was running her hand through her thin, blonde pubic hair. “You do?”

“I have a fantasy of accidentally seeing your pussy when we’re out in public.” I was stroking faster, and Karina turned on her vibrator. She jumped a little when she first touched the tip to her slit.

How would you see my pussy?” she asked, her eyes focused on the hand rubbing my erection.

“You’d be getting out of the SUV, wearing one of your skirts, and I’d convinced you not to wear panties that day.”

I didn’t have underwear?” Karina was beginning to pant. She pushed the dildo into her pussy. My wife was so wet, the plastic slid right inside. For the first time, I noticed the plastic curved a little on the end, the end Karina was now running against the top of her sex. I could faintly hear the vibrator buzzing inside her. She rotated it slightly until it touched something, and her eyes closed briefly.

“Other men saw you too, they were looking up your skirt.”

They saw my pussy? Oh God.” She pulled the vibrator out and held it to the very top of her slit.

“You saw them looking, and you pulled your skirt up even higher because it turned you on.” I was getting close to cumming.

What did you do? Did you let them look?” Karina was beginning to shake.

“I fucked you. I was so turned on, I couldn’t help myself. We fucked right there in front of everyone.” I was stroking myself as fast as I could, watching Karina excite herself.

Then what? I’m so close,” her voice wavered.

“I came inside you, and when I finished, another guy just pushed me aside, and he fucked you too,” I had no idea what I was saying, I only wanted to watch my wife.

Ohgodohgodohgod, another guy fucked me in front of you?” Karina was screaming. Then I heard her squeal, and for the first time, I learned my wife made a noise that sounded like a squeal when she climaxed.

I kept my word, I didn’t cum on her tits, but I shot long strings on her thigh as she watched my orgasm.

“You wouldn’t really let another man fuck me, would you?” Karina asked. She sounded like a little girl saying, ‘you wouldn’t really let me have that delicious candy, would you?’

The way she said it stopped my heart for a minute. Would I let another man fuck her while I watched? It had never been a fantasy before.

“No, of course not,” I said without conviction. Karina turned her vibrator back on.


“I’m sorry, Karina,” Judith said. She was just so bright and cheery, my wife looked surprised by Judith’s enthusiastic hug. It gave me a pleasant jolt to see Judith’s large breasts pressed against my wife’s. “I knew Michael when we were in school. It’s just so great to meet you.”

Tyrone had been one of my close friends. He’d been a starting running back on the University football team. Tyrone was a big man and startlingly fast. He’d been drafted late by one of the professional teams but had gotten no further than the practice squad. Still, he’d been in the ‘show,’ and that counted for something.

He flashed a large, bright smile at my wife and offered his hand for her to shake. Karina smiled back, surprised when her hand completely disappeared inside Tyrone’s huge fingers. All we could see was her wrist ending at my friend’s hand.

“Oh, wow. You have really big fingers,” Karina said.

“And you know what that means?” Judith nudged my wife with her hip.

At first, Karina just looked at Judith as if confused before an intriguing smile lit her face. “I do. I do know what that means.”

By the time they unpacked and cleaned up, pizza had arrived. The three of us guys sat in the living room eating, drinking beer, and reminiscing late into the night. Judith and Karina used our dining area to get to know each other.

As we talked, I remembered how much I liked these people. It was relaxing to be with friends. Tyrone even helped Karina clean up.

At one point when I looked in the dining area, Judith was pointing toward us and explaining something to Karina. The two were sitting so close together, my imagination overruled my good sense. I pictured them naked, Judith going down on my wife. I should have been wondering what Judith was telling Karina instead.

Later, Karina was insatiable. She wasn’t accustomed to beer, and she’d had a lot to drink.

“I think I like beer,” she said between hiccups. “I didn’t like the taste at first, but it’s sneaky. Now I feel really great.”

“Made you horny, didn’t it?” I asked.

“I’m always horny, the beer just made me less picky.” Karina was sitting on the bed.

“I know a secret,” she teased, barely able to control herself.

“Is it making you hornier?” I asked.

“Yes, it made me much hornier. Tyrone has a really big cock!”

“I know, I saw him in the shower once.”

“Well, smart guy, did you know Judith likes to watch him fuck other women?” I stopped what I was doing to stare at my wife.

“’Judith likes watching him fuck other women?’ Are you sure?” I asked in surprise.

“Don’t get any ideas. I do not want to watch my husband fuck some cunt. Got it?”

Chapter 3

The next night we were gathered downstairs, ready to go out to eat when Karina walked down to meet us. She was wearing a very short, loose skirt and blouse so low-cut, she couldn’t bend forward without exposing her breasts. My wife was clearly an adult woman, but she was not quite five feet tall and weighed less than a hundred pounds.

“Put your eyes back in your head, Tyrone,” Judith ordered.

We enjoyed a great dinner, accompanied by far too much to drink. The conversation picked up where we had left off the night before like no time had passed since we been in school together. After dinner, we piled back into Tyrone’s van.

“Where are we going, guys?” I asked from my position in the third row. My wife was in the second row, next to Leon. She’d been drinking beer while we ate, but she didn’t seem drunk.

“We’re going to a strip club!” Judith yelled from the front. “We gonna see us some pussy.”

Oh, shit. This could be a long night, I thought as we crossed the international border. I was glad I’d grabbed our passports before we left the house.

The large African-American guarding the front door knew Tyrone and had been expecting us. Besides, we had two good-looking white women, and the club liked female customers.

We were escorted to a circular booth with a reserved sign on it. I managed to sit next to Karina and Judith while the two guys sprawled in the large booth so they could watch the dancers.

“You’ll love this, Karina,” Judith said, her hand on my wife’s bare thigh. “Wait until you get a lap dance.” Then in a loud whisper, “I’m wet just thinking about it.”

“Judith, I can’t get a dance from another woman!”

“Just one. If you hate it, fine. But you have to try it. Let me pick the girl.” Judith was busy checking out the action.

My wife turned to me, Judith’s hand riding higher on Karina’s pale thigh. “I can’t get a dance from a woman, Michael.”

“Just one,” I said. “Let Judith fix you up, then you can tell her it wasn’t for you.” My wife gave me a dirty look before turning back to Judith.

The club was frighteningly loud, but I thought I heard Karina say, “Just one.” Judith smiled at her.

We started drinking as soon as we were seated. Leon had our waitress deliver two drinks at a time to everyone. “It takes too long. If we order again when she brings these, we’ll be in good shape,” he explained.

After the drinks arrived, the seating shifted. Karina took her beer and sat between the two guys. I watched with growing heat as they vied for her attention. Leon put a large black hand on my wife’s thigh where Judith’s had been. What was it about her thighs tonight?

Judith had moved next to me and wanted to talk. “I never thanked you properly for what you did for me, Michael.”

“I didn’t do anything, Judith,” I answered. Her mouth was next to my ear.

“Does your wife know about me?”

“Yes, I told her,” I answered.

“Did you like watching me?” Judith’s hand was now on my thigh. She was collecting the set. “You have a hard-on. Is it me, your memories, this place, or wondering what your wife might do? Maybe all of them?”

We both looked at Karina who had been pulled onto Leon’s lap to make room for a dancer who was working on Tyrone.

Leon and Karina were talking and smiling at each other. My wife was moving around his lap, looking for a comfortable position while drinking her beer.

“Leon’s hard too,” Judith said. “He’s got a big cock, and it’s pushed against your wife’s ass. I know how much you want to watch her get laid.” Her little finger was caressing the tip of my straining erection. “Tyrone likes to watch me, remember?”

Oh shit, Tyrone!

We were interrupted by a pretty Asian girl. “I don’t want to interrupt, oops, I interrupted,” she said, bending toward us with her head back, giving me a good look at her smallish breasts. “Maybe you’d each like a lap dance?”

“Of course,” Judith said. “I’d like a dance here.”

“What does ‘here’ mean?” I asked.

“You can get a dance in one of three different places. Where you’re sitting, in the lap dance area on the second floor, or in the Champagne room,” Judith explained. “The costs are different.”

“What does it cost?” I asked the dancer.

“Sixty dollars for a dance at your table,” she said. “The Private Dance booths on the next floor are a minimum of three dances. The Champagne Room is a flat five hundred dollars which buys ten songs. Anything else is negotiable.”

Judith smiled at me, “Everything’s negotiable, Michael.”

Leon was sitting pressed against the back of the booth and his legs spread. Karina was sitting between his spread legs with her ass pressed against his cock. Leon’s arms were wrapped around her, pushing her breasts up, so her nipples were peeking at us with every breath. My wife’s short skirt had ridden to the top of her thighs.

I watched the Asian dancer swaying and flirting with Judith as her dance began. She wasn’t shy about pressing her smallish breasts into Judith’s face, and Judith wasn’t shy about sucking her nipple.

On her knees, the dancer pushed Judith’s skirt up and licked her thigh, all the while moving in what might have been a dance.

I glanced at Karina. She was staring at Judith, her eyes wide while Leon took advantage to caress a hard nipple. My wife’s blonde hair shimmered in the strip club lights. From a distance, she must have looked like a beacon.

The pounding of the music matched the hammering of my heart, and I didn’t know which way to look. Leon was touching my wife’s bare breast! I felt a glob of pre-cum dirty the inside of my underwear.

Karina put her hands over Leon’s, but she didn’t try to stop him when he pulled a boob out of her dress and squeezed. I thought I heard my wife sigh.

The Asian dancer was straddling Judith’s thigh, her bare pussy against Judith’s bare skin. Her nose was touching Judith’s, and they were smiling at each other.

Tyrone shifted on the end of the couch facing us. He was making room for what looked like a small log in his pants.

When the song ended, the dancer kissed Judith and moved her ass, so her pussy rubbed along Judith’s thigh. Karina stood, adjusted her blouse and moved to sit next to me.

For the first time, I noticed all the empty beer bottles on the table in front of me. Had I drunk so much? Karina must have had a few too, judging by her slurred speech.

“I want a dance,” she said.

“I can help,” offered a beautiful, leggy dancer bent over the back of our maroon colored booth, her head between us, her large, soft breasts pressed against our shoulders. She smiled at me before turning her head toward Karina. “I’m Kitty. Have you ever had a woman dance for you?”

“No.” I could see the woman’s hand stroking my wife’s hair. Karina loves to have her hair stroked. She purred.

“You’re nervous, aren’t you?” Kitty whispered over the loud music. “I’ll take good care of you, I promise. If you’re not happy, you don’t have to pay.” Her face must have been close to Karina’s, all I could see was her red hair, and her big boobs, of course.

“Honey give me some money,” Karina said as if in a trance. When I opened my wallet, she helped herself to most of my cash.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Kitty said. My wife and Kitty held hands as they walked toward the stairs. The men they passed turned to watch, their imaginations on fire. A beautiful tall redheaded dancer and an even more beautiful, tiny blonde. I followed close behind.

The place was large, spread out over two floors and divided into four areas with a stage and dancers in each. After dancing on stage, the women would rotate throughout the club, soliciting lap dances. The stage dancing was advertising for their lap dances.

The private lap dances were given on love couches separated from each other and the rest of the club by dividers to provide privacy. The Champagne Room was basically a short hallway with seven doors off it. A neon VIP sign hung above the entrance to the door at the end of the corridor. A bouncer stood under the Champagne sign to keep out those who hadn’t paid and weren’t with a dancer.

There was no reason to hang around the private lap dance area, there was no way for me to see. I visited the men’s room and talked to a bartender.

“What’s the deal with the Champagne Room and the VIP?” I asked.

He couldn’t talk long, the bar had constant activity. “The Champagne Room is really six small private rooms. You can buy dances from any of the girls, I don’t know how much. The VIP is for private parties, can’t get in there.”

After he moved away, I watched a dancer and stopped at the ATM before walking back to meet my wife. The transaction fees would have paid for a dance.

It was an astonishing feeling to have blood rush to my cock and feel it expand down my pant leg. I felt faint when I heard my wife’s squeal over the loud music, the first followed quickly by another. Karina had just had multiple orgasms. With another woman!

I wanted to cum just from the sound she made. I wanted to see what was being done to her. I wanted to fuck her.

Instead, I waited, my erection obvious as they walked out hand in hand and kissed in front of me. “Do I owe you money back?” Kitty asked my wife with a smile on her face.

“Oh, lord no,” my wife said, giving her a tip.

When Kitty left, I turned to Karina. “Your face is wet.”

“Oh, thank you” Before my wife could wipe her face clean, I leaned in to kiss her.

“You’ve been eating pussy,” I said, my lips just touching hers.

“I was a naughty wife, Michael.”

“She even made you come, didn’t she?”


“Do you like girls now?”

“More than I would have thought. But now I want cock.” Her face was shining wet from eating a woman.

“Michael, I really like Judith. Was it really her?” I paused at the bottom of the stairs.

“Yes, I watched all of it. Most of the guys were graduated right about then.”

“You cleaned her. You cleaned Judith’s pussy,” She looked excited.

“Actually, they had me use the washcloth between guys,” I said.

“How did she feel about that?”

“She moaned,” I said.

“She did not.”

“Did too.”

A dignified looking man in a well-tailored suit was talking to Tyrone when we returned.

“I don’t mean to intrude,” he said with an Irish accent. “I’m Cecil, the owner. I was a fan of Tyrone when he played American football.” A gorgeous waitress in a see-through blouse walked up with a tray full of drinks. I couldn’t take my eyes off her breasts, and she smiled up at me as she sat the drinks on our table.

“On the house,” Cecil said, his arm around my wife. “Dear, you are indeed a goddess. Are you a model or an actress?”

Karina was flustered by his attention. Cecil looked to be a fit fifty-years old and oozed charm. “No. Me? I could never be a model.”

“Yes, she could, Cecil. Besides, she’s hot,” it was the stripper from my wife’s lap dance, her arm around Karina from the other side.

Their conversation became more intimate, and they huddled, just the three of them, leaving me to watch. The music was crazy loud, dancers performing on every stage, waitresses rushing between the tables, dodging women soliciting private dances. I couldn’t hear a word they said to each other.

“We’ll be back momentarily.” Cecil had a huge hand on my shoulder. “I wish to show your wife something unusual she may find interesting.” Karina and Kitty were already walking up the stairs to the second level again, talking earnestly.

I wanted to follow them, but Cecil stopped me. “You are to be my guest. Ginger is here to give you a private tour.”

I turned again, too much beer making my eyes swim. Ginger was the waitress who had delivered our drinks. Her breasts swam into focus, I stared at them, entranced by how she could have so many freckles and yet have clear, white, nearly perfect boobs.

Ginger slipped her arm through mine and said, “Do you like my boobs?”

“They don’t have freckles.”

Ginger laughed, a pleasant sound. “No, do you want to know other places I don’t have freckles?”

My mind was screaming at me, ‘Tell her no, ask where Karina is.’ Instead, I said, “Yes.” Proving once again, a hard cock has no brain.

I could hear the sound of a crowd in the VIP room when Ginger opened the door to a Champagne room next to the VIP entrance. Inside was a couch built into the wall, and a table with an ashtray and a box of tissues.

“Some big shots are having a party.” Ginger’s mouth was next to my ear, her breath felt hot. She smelled of perfume, smoke, and something else I couldn’t place.

“Where’s my wife?” I asked.

“Cecil and Kitty are entertaining her, I’m sure she’s fine and having a great time. Do you want me to dance for you?”

I did. I did want her to dance for me. I nodded my head stupidly.

“Is Cecil doing something to Karina?” I slurred.

“Don’t worry,” Ginger purred, rubbing her face against the bulge in my pants. I heard a male roar through the thin wall separating us from the VIP room. “Your wife is having a wonderful time with them. Sometimes an amateur gets turned on showing her pussy.”

My blood pressure shot up and my cock throbbed in Ginger’s hand, hard again. “You like that, don’t you?” Ginger rubbed her now naked ass on my lap. “You like the idea of your wife dancing naked. Maybe she’s why they cheer?”

There were dirty shouts from next door. Ginger was on her knees pulling my pants down. “You know what I think? I think if she showed men her married pussy, it would excite her.”

My heart was pounding. The idea of Karina on the other side of the thin wall showing her pussy to a crowd of men combined with the smooth, hot, wet sensation of Ginger’s mouth inhaling my cock was intoxicating. I briefly wondered how more empty beer bottles had accumulated in the tiny room.

Ginger somehow smiled at me, even with my cock filling her mouth, as though she were in on a secret. The door to our little room opened, and Kitty came in.

“Your wife loves to eat pussy,” she whispered. Kitty sat next to me on the tiny couch, her long legs spread wide, baring her freshly waxed pussy. “She made me cum. Did you know that?”

Ginger moved from between my legs and spread Kitty’s pussy open to lick the exposed clitoris with the tip of her tongue. She kept one hand on my wet cock.

“I ate your wife’s pussy… too,” Kitty continued. “She came for me. Is she always so easy to excite?”

My cock was throbbing. I couldn’t take my eyes off the spectacle beside me on the bench. There was another male roar from the room next door.

“Karina makes a strange noise when she cums… doesn’t she?” Kitty was urging Ginger to lick faster. “She squeals.”

My heart stopped beating. The only way Kitty knew my wife squealed was because she’d heard it. At that moment, the men next door made another loud noise, Kitty orgasmed, and I could swear I heard a familiar squeal through the thin wall.

I pulled my cock free from Ginger, pulled up my pants, and charged out the door, turning right to go into the VIP room. I didn’t know what I was going to do, I was running on drunken adrenaline.

My adrenaline hadn’t planned on the giant in a tuxedo standing guard. I bounced off his chest and struggled to regain my balance. When I was able to stop moving backward, he just smiled at me, and with a Russian sounding accent, he politely said, “VIP room closed for private party.”

The door to our little Champagne room opened, and Ginger and Kitty quickly made their way back down the hall. I was watching them leave when the door to the VIP room opened just enough for Cecil to slip through without letting me see inside.

“Ah, my American friend, Michael. It’s good to see you are enjoying my club. Come, walk with me. I’ll escort you back to your booth.” He turned me with an iron grip on my biceps, and I found myself staggering along with him. As strong as I was, Cecil was stronger.

“What’s going on in there?” It was a good thing he was holding me. My vision was swimming again.

“A young dancer wished to perform for me and some of our long-time friends,” Cecil said.

“Is my wife in there?” I asked, trying to turn back.

“Michael, please. We’re not doing anything with your wife. I’m not absolutely sure where she is at this moment. Let’s enjoy the evening.” His voice sounded so cultivated, yet dangerous. “It’s a funny thing to think about. Some of these younger women want to take their clothes off for a group of men. They want to be appreciated. They yearn for the opportunity, and when their chance finally comes along, they don’t know when to stop.”

We weren’t at the booth, he had me cornered against a wall with one of his bouncers standing a few feet away. “The young woman upstairs is a good example. She’s a very beautiful woman with sexual needs. There is no telling what will happen.” His lips smiled, but his eyes didn’t, they looked like a shark’s. “She might decide she likes taking her clothes off for men.”

We were walking again. Waiters and dancers made way for us until we were back at the booth.

“Michael, my man. Where you been?” Leon was wearing a pair of sunglasses and dancers were sitting on either side of him.

I collapsed in the booth while a waitress put a beer in my hand. “Compliments of Mr. Cecil.”

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