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Merry Christmas,

Holly and Noelle

Copyright 2019 Kimberly Clifton

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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Chapter 1

Once upon a time, a young girl believed in true love. She believed that some day she would meet the perfect man that would come into her life and see her for herself and fall in love with what he saw. Then, Noelle grew up.

Life became busy, and others became busier. Soon, she forgot her dream about finding true love, because no one saw her for who she fact... no one saw her at all. So, Noelle grew up, alone. That was ok, because she was better off alone than with those that only seemed to cause her pain. However, the quiet of the dark night would bring back the voice of the child still calling into the night for her romantic connection.

Yet, the land of adult version of Noelle had shown more frogs than princes for this princess. Heartache after heartache, she never seemed to find the right person. Yet, she held out hope, and that hope birthed the greatest betrayal of all.

Shortly after high school, Noelle met someone that seemed to get her, and she felt that life would FINALLY start for her dream relationship. Yet, six months into her marriage, she was dejected and alone IN a relationship, which was the beginning of years of hell where she did not believe in divorce but lived without faith in love, itself. It would be over a decade, before she would get up the courage and self respect to tell her husband that it was over.

That was a few years ago, and Noelle reflected upon how the events had fallen, as she watched the snow flakes landing upon the park and the bench that supported her. What would become of her, now?

Chapter 2

"Pretty, aren't they...the snowflakes."

Noelle looked up from her contemplation to see a woman standing just ahead of her and facing her from the sidewalk ahead.  The woman was staring at the same spot on the bench where the snow had fallen.

"Yes, they are," Noelle said questioningly.  "I'm sorry do I know you."

"No," the woman said gently.  "But, I have been watching you for quite some time.  If you have time, I'll explain it as we walk."

The woman gestured down the sidewalk, and a voice in Noelle was telling her that she should rise and walk with this stranger that had just admitted to stalking her, as odd as that sounded.  So, she joined the woman and turned down the path.

"I do love the beauty that nature really puts on at this time," the woman added softly. 

"I'm," Noelle began.

"Noelle Lectrar.  I know.  Mistreal is my name, but you can call me Misty."

"Well, Misty," Noelle puffed.  "I don't want to sound rude, but what are you doing watching me, as you said."

"Haha," Misty giggled and smiled.  "Even when you want to confront me about spying on you, you are concerned about being.... rude.  That is one thing that I love about you.  It's a sign of real strength."

Noelle turned and walked, silently.  She didn't feel very strong, especially today.

"It IS strength, even if you can't see it," Misty added, as if she was reading Noelle's mind.  "As to your question, I've been watching you, because it has been my job.  I'm your angel."

"ANGEL?  Are you kidding me," Noelle scoffed.  "You could have come up with a better cover story."

"You don't need to believe for it to be true, and who I am is not really important.  I'm just here to tell you not to give up on the path you are following.  Very soon, you will find that special someone, but you need to be open to finding it...and need to have an open mind."

Great, Noelle thought.  I ran into the park psycho mystic.  Best to humor her and..

"Michael didn't love you," Misty said stopping short and pulling Noelle around to look into her eyes.  "He never loved you.  He only loved himself WITH you.  However, a woman will soon give you the love that both she and you need."

Misty's hand on Noelle's shoulder felt warm, and Noelle rocked back trying to process what she just heard, even as the warmth of the hand spread to her whole upper torso.  She steadied herself, and rubbed he eyes that had gone hazy and blinked it away. 

When she cleared her vision, she found herself standing alone, even though she could still feel a hand on her shoulder that slowly lessened. 

As it became clear that something supernatural had happened to her, she was brought back to the words she had heard.   Misty, whatever she was, had said "a woman will" give her love.   A WOMAN.  She had entertained that thought so many times, but she had never even hinted at it to anyone.  How could she know?

"She needs your love, too." Noelle heard, as the hand pressure faded to nothing.  "Just believe in love."

Chapter 3

Monday morning found Noelle back at work, even though she was having a hard time concentrating on the tasks at hand. Thoughts of who Misty was and what she meant had unsettled her all night. After an hour of pretending to work, Noelle decided she just needed a little coffee and a snack, so she took her break, early.

“Monday morning brain fog?”

Noelle turned to see Holly Hamilton, a pretty new hire to their company, walking up behind her to the coffee pot.

“You could say that,” Noelle replied, while hoping that the conversation ended with short answers. Noelle wasn’t really a social chatty girl, unlike many of the women in her workplace.

“Me too,” Holly said getting her mug out of the cabinet. “My little girl suddenly announced that she had a Christmas project that she had to do for school, five minutes before bedtime.”

Noelle cringed, as she anticipated the question that always came at this point.

“Do you have kids?”

There it was, the single question that people always asked so innocently but unintentionally ripped the bandaid off an emotional wound that refused to heal.

“No. I haven’t found the right person, just yet.”

Holly flushed with red at her embarrassment, and Noelle expected that the conversation had just run out of the little gas that it had, when Holly turned with a smile.

“Then, you’ll be free to come to my house for the Holiday, then? I know we don’t know each other, much…”

Or, like…at all…Noelle thought.

“…but it would really mean a lot. It’s just my daughter and I, and I really don’t want to spend the whole day singing Rudolph the reindeer and playing with her toys, again.”

“I don’t know,” Noelle began. “I’m not really a Holiday kinda person,” Noelle said, lying to try to get out of an awkward conversation.

“Neither am I,” Holly replied with a big smile. “So, we have that in common. Oh, come on…please. I’ll owe you.”

Noelle thought about it for a few minutes. It would be nice to have someone who work had not crushed their spirit owe her a favor or two.

“And, there’s wine,” Holly said, while stroking her arm. The touch was very persuasive, as was the wine.

“Ok. I could definitely use the wine.”

Holly squealed and hugged her, which quickly reminded her of the conversation with Misty, as she felt her body going into full turned on mode by the brush of Holly’s chest against her own.

“Me too,” Holly softly said in reply, as she pulled away. “I got 4 bottles. You have no idea how exhausting being a single mother can be. How about 7 o’clock, tonight?”

“Christmas eve” Noelle questioned. “Didn’t you mean Christmas day?”

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