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One Fine Dinner

April Ann

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Dinner was over.

All of the 11 guests were pleasantly full of butter dipped crab meat, shrimp and pasta with garlic sauce. The long table was nearly empty, save for two women exchanging slow and purposeful words about life and dreams…the rest of them were now relaxing on the giant leather sofas and matching chairs in the living room down the hall. Their thoroughly drunk voices could be heard above the old-school blues playing on a vintage record player, there was most certainly dancing and possibly a fatty being passed around.

Amber pushed her chair back lazily in the dining room, taking a moment to asset her level of alcohol consumption. She had tasted all five of the ancient wines that were served with the excellent food…well, she more than tasted them. She’d indulged heavily. But the meal was enough to slow the effect pretty substantially. Actually, she felt exatcly the right amount of buzz and that delicious feeling of laughter hiding just behind her tongue.

She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had such an enjoyable evening. It was good to make some new friends too. Amber had been reluctant to come to this monthly get-together, wondering if she might feel left out, considering all of these people had been friends since at least high-school, some of them even since birth. But she was glad she changed her mind last minute because they were all very warm and inclusive towards her. It helped, of course, that Charlene was pretty persuasive.

“I suppose I could clear up some of this mess.” Amber said as she stood and began quietly stacking a few plates and setting the burgundy cloth napkins in a pile. After all, it was good manners to help clean up, and the table was quite a wreck. A food fight had even broken out at the opposite side, thankfully only with the French bread ends. Everything else had been eaten. Still, there were crumbs and large chunks of bread scattered about.

Charlene, the owner of the house hadn’t made any attempt to stop them, but instead sat back and laughed at their childlike behavior as if she were their loving parent admiring the interaction.

“You don’t have to.” Charlene told Amber. “You know, it’s okay to just have fun and leave a mess. Besides, I pay the housekeeper really well and she’ll be here tomorrow.” Charlene’s lips arched into a smirk and she winked at Amber from across the table.

Though they had only known each other for a short time, Amber noticed she winked a lot. Especially at women. Especially at her. It was actually kind of cute.

Charlene tipped her chair back and hooked one of her bare feet on one of the table’s cross braces so she wouldn’t fall over. She closed her eyes and made a deep, satisfied sigh. Amber watched from across the table as Charlene began leisurely pulling bobby bins out of her dark red hair that had been piled on top of her head. The fiery strands fell in loose curls just below her soft, pale shoulders. She sighed another and continued to pull out the pins until they were all out and laying on the white table cloth next to her plate. Her slender fingers massaged her scalp. The delicate diamond necklace that dangled on her chest, almost getting caught in her cleavage, sparkled in the warm, dim glow of the overhead lights. She looked divine. Like a goddess relaxing on her throne.

Her head moved back and forth, pressing into her fingers where she wanted them to go. “So invigorating.” Charlene said softly. “Sometimes I get my hair done at the salon just so I can have one of the sexy stylists massage my scalp. I always ask for this one girl. Her hands are like butter cream. I love it.” She giggled, obviously imagining a past experience.

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