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Misty MacAllister

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Misty MacAllister

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Erotica, Casual Encounters

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Chapter One

Chapter Two

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Chapter One

A strange icon bouncing on Elspeth’s taskbar caught her eye. She was certain it wasn’t anything from her system. She held her breath, fearing the worst. She had been infected. She knew she should have never looked at the croissant porn, but now it was too late for self-recriminations. Better make it a pledge instead. No more buttery delights for her from now, no sir!

No, that can’t be it, she thought.

“Oh, my god, don’t tell me it’s…” she exclaimed into her empty room as a horrible realization dawned on her. The icon that was bouncing up and down like a puppy waiting for a treat was for Walt’s computer.

Walt and Elspeth had shared the same apartment for a little over a month. It was Walt’s place and his invitation for her to move-in and share the rent had been a lifesaver for Elspeth. Her longtime roommate and best friend from college, Emma, had gotten married. She and her new wife had escaped the city and headed for the hinterlands with the plan to start up an organic farm specializing in candy corn. Elspeth was happy for Emma, but the sudden move had left her in a lurch. All by herself she couldn’t afford the yurt they had shared.

And out of the blue had come Walt.

Elspeth knew him from online boy browsing. Walt was a vlogger like she was. He vlogged about men’s fashion, and their blogs had overlapped on some reviews about fitness bands and kettlebells. They had started chatting about the virtues of kettlebells, and Walt had mentioned in passing that his roommate had just moved out. He had lamented the fact he’d have to find another roommate soon or he was going to be out on the street. Elspeth had lamented that she was in the same situation, and just like that Walt had suggested for her to move into his place. The case he had made for it was a very strong one.

There’s plenty of room,he had said. “You’ll have your own bathroom, and if you want you’re welcome to use my kettlebells.

The kettlebells and her own financial desperation had cinched it for Elspeth. She had accepted, but not without some reservations. Two reservations, to be precise. One: she had never lived with a guy. Actually, she didn’t have that much experience with men in general. She was a little bit of a homebody. She liked dealing with people online. It was safe. It was easy. It was germ free. And two: it shouldn’t have mattered, but there was the matter of his unavoidably good looks. Walt was easy to talk to online, but he wasn’t the kind of guy Elspeth would ever talk to in real life. He was too dishy’, too gorgeous, for her to occupy the same plane as him. But desperate times required desperate measures, and Elspeth had moved in.

Their arrangement had worked out great. Walt was, in fact, very easy to live with. He gave her space and respected her privacy. And to her surprise she found out that he was kind of a homebody, too. He spent as much time online as she did.

Then one day he had asked her about her vlogging setup. Elspeth had lights and a great camera. Her setup was pro quality. It was Emma who had actually set it up for her, but when Walt asked, Elspeth acted like she knew all about the technical aspects. There was something about his big brown eyes and muscular thighs that made her feel the need to impress him.

I wasn’t getting any followers before I got my lights and my camera,she had told him. It made all the difference when I went high quality on production.

He had been interested and impressed. Everyone wants to have more followers. Then she had told him that setting everything up was no problem.

If you want, I can set up your whole system,she had told him.

Are you sure? I don’t want to put you through too much trouble,he had said.

Honestly, there’s no trouble at all. I can do it in a snap.And she might have actually snapped her fingers at this point because she was such a smooth operator.

Of course, Elspeth wasn’t the expert. Emma was. She, more or less, blundered her way through his setup, hoping nothing would go wrong. But clearly something had gone wrong and now his computer was showing up on her monitor.

She hit her forehead with the heel of her hand. Whether she wanted to or not, she’d have to tell him and then he’d think she was an idiot. Or a show-off and a bragger, which wasn’t any better.

Or maybe I could fix it with him being none the wiser, she thought, and she smiled to herself.

She clicked the icon, and a widow opened with more icons. The problem was multiplying. These icons were the icons on Walt’s taskbar. One of them drew her eye like a cupcake in a display window. It was the icon for his computer’s camera. Walt’s camera. Elspeth stared at the camera icon, her heart suddenly beating faster.

Maybe I should see just how much I’ve messed things up,Elspeth said to herself with a coy smile.

She clicked on the icon. Another window popped up with a video feed running. It was Walt’s room. She stopped breathing. She knew she should stop. She had to stop. This was a terrible invasion of his privacy. Only a really horrible person would keep looking.

Her finger hovered over the cursor, ready to close the window, when something moved past the camera.

It was Walt.

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Chapter Two

Or Walt’s flat, muscled abs.

Elspeth gulped, and instead of closing the window, she accidentally made it full-screen. In the video, Walt leaned down and suddenly he was taking up her whole screen. She jumped back. Did he see her? No, he couldn’t have. He was doing something.

She clicked on another icon—Walts browser—and another video popped up. It was someone working out. Walt stood up and backed away, giving her a perfect view of his belly button and the tiny cotton workout shorts she had noticed he liked to wear. Tight shorts. He was working out, or he had just finished working out because he was sweating. She watched a bead of sweat roll slowly down his stomach.

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