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Misty MacAllister

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Misty MacAllister

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Erotica, Casual Encounters, Swingers

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Chapter One

The Arrival

The late-night flight on the tiny twin-engine turboprop was turbulent, a real white-knuckle affair, and the landing on the island’s tiny runway was a nightmare. Then, before either Greg or Vivian could recover from the fright of the landing, they were bustled into an ancient Jeep for the three-hour, wind-whipped ride to the resort, the last hour over a blacktop road that had been given up to the sand.

When they finally tumbled out of the Jeep at the stoop of an impressive cabana house, Vivian felt like she’d had been in a fight and that she had lost, badly. Not only was she beaten and bruised, she was exhausted—it was six in the morning. And to top it off, she was broiling in her clothes, like a baked potato.

The weather had been cool when they had climbed into the tiny plane, but the plane had brought them south, and when they landed, it was simmering hot. Vivian felt sweat trickling down her spine. It made her feel prickly.

“I hope this mystery vacation was worth the hell trip,” Vivian said sharply. She knew she sounded like a shrew, but she couldn’t help it.

She looked back down the way they had come. The road was gone. The wind had blown the dunes over it.

“We’re trapped,” she said gloomily. “It’s like we’re in one of those old Hammer horror films.”

Greg smiled. He was unwavering in his enthusiasm. Most of the time she loved that about him. Right now it made her see red.

“You’re just tired, hon,” he said, giving her a hug.

She pushed him away.

“No! It’s too hot to hug,” she grunted.

“You’ll feel better once you get a chance to change,” Greg laughed, and he pulled his sweaty shirt off his chest. “This is going to be great.”

She grunted. She wasn’t so sure.

Greg and Vivian had been married for seven years and this was their first vacation since their honeymoon, and that had just been a cross-country move when they relocated to the city for Vivian’s new job. Greg had gotten a great deal on a beach resort vacation when his boss—the ‘playboy’, Vivian called him—had suddenly had to cancel because of an unscheduled divorce.

“Let’s get inside and take a shower,” Greg said, grabbing their bags. “That’ll cool you down.”

He trotted enthusiastically up the steps. Vivian trudged after him.

Inside, the cabana was airy and bright. Overhead fans hanging from the high ceilings moved the air and the sea breeze blew in through louvered doors and windows. The sudden breeze made Vivian shiver, or it might have been the sight of the gorgeous man coming toward them.

“Welcome to the Sands,” he said, holding out his hands as if he was going to scoop them both up in huge hug.

He was tall and very hot. He wore khaki shorts, drifter slip-ons, and a cabana shirt, open and showing off a chiseled chest. He was also wearing a wide beaded bracelet on his right wrist. It was black, and Vivian thought it was pretty.

“You must be Greg and Vivian,” he said. “We’ve been expecting you.”

And he gave Vivian a sudden hug. She didn’t push him away.

“That’s us,” Greg said, sounding slightly less enthusiastic than he had moments before.

“I’m Mack,” the man said, suddenly turning and giving Greg a hug. “I’m here to get you oriented.”

He pulled their bags from Greg’s hands, led them to a reception desk, and gave them the key to their room.

“You’ll also need these,” he said, and he handed them two bracelets.

The bracelets were like the black one he was wearing but for the color. These were canary yellow.

Yellow says it’s your first day,” he said.

“What does black say?” Vivian asked, slipping on the bracelet.

Black says I’m working,” he said.

Vivian nodded.

Greg was looking the other way at two women in bikinis sauntering through the cabana. They were wearing black bracelets. The women left through a door, and a couple came in. They waved to Mack and passed us going out the front. They were wearing red bracelets.

“What do the red bracelets mean?” Vivian asked.

Mack smiled. Greg flinched. Mack turned to him, and his dark eyes widened. Greg frowned.

“There’s a video introduction to the resort in your room,” Mack said, looking at Vivian. “It will explain everything.”

“Great,” Greg said quickly.

“OK,” Vivian said.

“First, let me take you on a tour,” Mack said.

“That sounds great,” Greg said.

Mack showed them out the back door and into the resort. They walked across a veranda into a large open cabana. There were chaises scattered around and low tables, and there was a bar on the far side.

“This is where most of the parties happen,” Mack said.

An ocean breeze blew through cabana. The blue sea could be seen beyond it. The golden sun was rising above the horizon.

Mack led them across the cabana and out onto a wide deck that overlooked the white sand and the clear blue water.

“It’s beautiful,” Vivian said, looking out at the water.

“I told you it was worth it,” Greg said smugly.

“The sights here are some of the best you’ll ever see,” Mack said. “But you, guys, look beat.”

“Do we look that bad?” Vivian snorted.

Mack looked at her, his eyes running up and down her body. He smiled with obvious approval.

“You look fine,” he said, then added, “both of you. But we all know that the trip to the island isn’t the greatest trip in the world.”

“You can say that again,” Greg said. “That airstrip looked like a driveway.”

Mack laughed. “That’s what everyone says,” he said, and he clapped Greg on the shoulder. “That’s why we make sure to have something special waiting for our guests when they get here. There’s a hot tub waiting for you in your room and a champagne breakfast.”

“That sounds great,” Vivian said.

Mack nodded. “Then you might want to sleep in for a bit before really taking a look around,” he said. “As you can see, there’s not much going on in the morning.” He motioned toward the beach.

There were only a few people out on the beach. There was a man standing in the waves looking toward the sunrise. There was a woman jogging. She was in a bikini, and she looked like a super model. Mack raised his hand as she went by.

“Come by and see me later, Mack,” she called as she sped by.

“Will do,” he called back.

There was another couple on a beach towel, and they were...

Vivian poked Greg in the ribs and she motioned with her eyes toward the couple. Greg looked, and his eyes got bigger.

The couple was fucking. The man was on his back and the woman was straddling him, her hips rocking and her boobs bouncing. Vivian gulped. Greg gaped. Mack didn’t even seem to notice.

“Things will start to get busy around noon, if you want to find some fun,” he said, and he led them back into the cabana.

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Chapter Two

The explanation and the agreement

“What kind of place did you bring me to, Greg?” Vivian asked hotly.

They were alone in their suite.

“What do you mean?” Greg said, looking around the luxurious room. “It’s incredible.”

They were standing in front of the open French doors next to a small bistro table. On the table, there was champagne in a bucket of ice and fresh fruit. Past the table, through the open French doors, the white sand was only steps away. They had a spectacular view of the crystal-clear blue water.

They couldn’t see the fucking couple.

“You know what I mean,” Vivian said. “There was a couple having sex on the beach in broad daylight and Mack didn’t even bat an eye.”

“Hey, we’re all adults,” Greg said. “Don’t tell me you were offended by seeing them, because I know you better. Just last week you went to the grocery without a shirt just to prove a point.”

“That was different,” she said.

“Really? You don’t have a problem with nakedness at The Whole Foods, but it’s bad on a beach on a private island.”

“Well...” she said, then she scowled. “What about that woman who ran by? She was inviting Mack to have sex with her.” And she blushed.

“Really?” Greg said, his eyes getting wide. “Is that what she was doing?”

“Really,” she said.

“No,” Greg said, smiling.

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